The Monte Carlo Rally

Information on the annual Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo, now part of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, which takes place each year in the Ardeche and around the Principality...

The Monte Carlo Rally (Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo) organised by the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) takes place every year in January.

General information

The rally takes place during the third week of January and is the first of 12 races that make up the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC). The rally usually consists of 18 stages raced over three days with the weather potentially playing an important part in the result. It is possible to encounter snowstorms and clear bright weather on any one of the daylight stages and each competitor may face different conditions from other drivers.


The Monte Carlo Rally is the oldest rally in the world with the first one taking place in 1911. The original race consisted of drivers making their way to Monaco from all over Europe following a precise route prior to taking part in the special stages in the Alps above Monaco. Racing does not take part in the Principality itself. Since 1997 there is no longer a preliminary stage and the rally only involves the short stage races and drives in between the stages.