Holiday Accommodation Options in Monaco

Taking a holiday in Monaco? Going on vacation to the Principality? Information on finding the right place to stay: hotels, bed and breakfast and self-catering accommodation, find out more...

The Principality of Monaco is situated on the Mediterranean coast, is surrounded by France and a short distance from the border between France and Italy. As a result of its history, politics, climate and location it has become a sought after luxury tourist destination and has a well-developed network of services to tourists. It also provides a safe location for wealthy and prominent people. It has a full annual calendar of international culture, sports and entertainment events.

Holiday Accommodation

The principality is small, with and area of 195 ha (1.95 square Km), a length of 3.18 Km and a width of 1.1 Km. Being so small and fairly exclusive means most holiday accommodation is relatively expensive and not plentiful. There are several luxury hotels including the Hotel Hermitage built by Gustave Eiffel. A wider range of accommodation is available in the neighbouring towns of France.

Finding accommodation in Monaco

The Monaco Tourist Office has multilingual staff (English is always spoken) who provide guidance on accommodation. During major international sporting, music and trade events, accommodation is scarce and a visitor can look to find a hotel or guest house in France. It's advised to book in advance, particular during season which runs from May to September.

  • Monaco Tourist Office
    : 2A Boulevard des Moulins, Monte-Carlo.
    Tel: +377 92 16 61 16 
    Fax: +377 92 16 60 00

Hotels in Monaco

The hotels are classified according to the French star rating. The classification guidelines are similar to those found elsewhere in Europe and are as follows:

  • 5 star: Rating denotes outstanding, luxury hotel
  • 4 star: Highly superior hotel
  • 3 star: Comfortable, tourist hotel with en-suite bathroom and Internet access
  • 2 star: Good standard, tourist hotel (may have en-suite bathroom)
  • 1 star: Standard, tourist hotel, room minimum nine square meters with shared bathroom facilities

Chambres d'Hôtes (B&Bs)

Monaco does not have much Bed & Breakfast (chambres d'hôtes) style accommodation. However rooms are available to rent and there are professionally-run guesthouses in the neighbouring towns of France.

Self-Catering Holiday Apartments

Monaco has some apartments available for self-catering holiday rentals; these may be available to rent directly from the owner, through Monaco-based property agents or via property rentals websites.

Accommodation is easier to find in the neighbouring towns of France and the hills surrounding the Principality.

Further Information

  • Visit Monaco is the official Monaco Government Tourist Office website and provides for online hotel booking
  • is the official guide to the Principality, and has downloadable visitors brochures
  • Monaco Eye is an unofficial guide to Monaco with much information relevant to a tourist to the Principality