Fishing on the Côte d'Azur

Information on fishing and angling in the fresh water rivers, lakes and dams of the French Riviera as well as sea fishing off the French Riviera coast and deep water angling in the Mediterranean...

There are many local fishing associations and clubs throughout the Alpes-Maritmes and Var, which are affiliated with the Club Halieutique. This is an organisation which helps in the monitoring of legal fishing.

For more details on local information, contact the Fédération Départementale de Pêche (English may not be spoken).

River and Lake Fishing

Fishing is a widely practiced, popular sport in the many rivers and lakes of the Riviera which provide prime fishing. Most commonly caught are fountain salmon, pike and rainbow trout. The sport is, however, strictly policed for ecological reasons, and all restrictions must be adhered to.

Fishing is managed at a regional level however the Fédération Nationale Pêche is a national fishing organisation.

  • To find a local fishing association in France: Click here (in French) and select the relevant département

Fishing permits

There are a variety of fishing permits available and it's obligatory for any person line fishing in France to carry a valid Carte de Pêche on all fishing excursions. Permits are issued to an individual and include an ID photograph. If a permit is lost or destroyed and new one must be bought.

Alpes-Maritimes Fishing Facts & Contacts

The local angling federation has a comprehensive website in English with extensive information on the rules and regulations on angling, the open seasons, available catches and minimum size, the protection of aquatic animals and much more.

It also has full details on local fishing organisations and locations, with a map and further information on each place.

Fishing regulations and waters

  • Category 1 fishing
    1,200 Km of river fishing
    340 ha of lake fishing with a concentration of rainbow trout, river salmon and char
    One line permitted
  • Category 2 fishing
    220 Km of river fishing
    25 ha of lake fishing with pike, black bass, perch and roach
    Four lines permitted
  • For details on the location of various category waters, open dates and prohibitions: Click here (in French)
  • And for a list of local fishing associations and the waters used: Click here

Alpes-Maritimes Contacts

Var Fishing Facts & Contacts

  • Fédération du Var pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique
    At: Immeuble Foch, Rue des Déportés, BP 104, 83172 Brignols CEDEX
    04 94 69 05 56
    Fax: 04 94 69 26 80
  • Var section of the French Club Halieutique: Click here (in French)
  • Category 1 fishing
    600 Km of river fishing
    One line permitted (two lines at the confluence of the Vesubie in the Var)
  • Category 2 fishing
    300 Km of river fishing
    2,100 ha of lake fishing
    Four lines permitted
  • Commonly found fish are trout and rainbow trout, chub, pike, carp, roach, grey mullet and perch
  • For a list of local fishing associations and the waters used: Click here

Shore and Coastal Fishing

Fishing from the beach or the rocks by the sea (pêche à pied) does not require a permit in France, including the French Riviera area.

Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing is generally permitted between 30 and 50 nautical miles from the coast with tuna and swordfish being the most commonly-targeted prey. Licensed fishing parties generally use the ports of Sainte-Maxime, Sanary and Cogolin Marina. For more info (in French, usually) contact:

  • Comité PACA de la Fédération Francaise de Pêche en Mer
    04 91 72 63 96

Spear Fishing

This sport is heavily legislated regarding what can be caught, where and when. Information (in French) from:

  • Nice
    04 92 00 41 50
  • Toulon
    Tel: 04 94 46 92 00