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Pétanque was originally altered from an older game, called Jeu Provençal or Jeu de Boules Béraud, by Jules LeNoir in La Ciotat. The game involved players taking one step from a drawn circle on the ground and, perched on one leg, throw or roll a ball towards a smaller wooden ball, a cochonnet or bouchon. Jules LeNoir played extensively until an accident left him crippled from the waist down (though some versions attribute his disability to severe rheumatism). Confined to a wheelchair, he invented the new rules, with the pointer or shooter standing with both feet (or wheels) firmly on the ground. The term Pétanque is derived from pieds (feet) and tanqués (firmly rooted, secured). The boulodrome in La Ciotat is named after Jules LeNoir.

Pétanque, or boules, has become the “national sport” of Provence.

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