Social Security and Health Insurance in Monaco

Information on the Monegasque state social security system: who qualifies for what benefits and how to register with the system...

The social security system in Monaco provides employees coverage for unemployment, family allowances, medical care and maternity/paternity, disability, old-age and death benefits.

The Social Security Department

The Social Security Department for Employees (Caisse de Compensation des Services Sociaux, CCSS) is financed by employer contributions which are calculated on the basis of the employee's declared gross salary. The CCSS administers health, maternity, paternity, disability and death benefits. In addition, the CCSS provides family and social allowances (prenatal and family allowances, housing allowance, education allowance, back-to-school allowance, Christmas bonus, holiday cheques and nursery vouchers).

Eligible parties (spouses, partners, dependent children) who do not have direct access to their own health scheme and who reside in the Principality of Monaco or in France (or in Italy for Monegasques or Italian nationals) also benefit from the cover with regards to illness and maternity.

Medical benefits

The Monegasque social security system is similar to that in France for employed and self-employed people and their dependents. However, the French system typically reimburses 70 percent of medical costs, but the Monegasque system reimburses 80 percent and up to 100 percent for certain procedures and some hospitalisations.

Reimbursements are fairly comprehensive and include primary and specialist treatment, hospital stays, lab work, drugs, dental care and transportation. The rates applied by medical practitioners and services are classified into three categories according to income and family size: a standard rate, a rate that is 20 percent above the standard rate, and a fee set by prior agreement with the service provider.

Note: Foreigners living in Monaco, not in employment or self-employed, require full private medical insurance. Proof of such cover will be required to obtain resident status.

Disability benefits

Disability insurance is mandatory for all employees in Monaco and employers pay the premiums into a central fund. The benefit includes temporary and permanent disability coverage.

Survivor benefits

A surviving spouse who was living with, or divorced and receiving alimony from, the deceased at the time of death is entitled to between 30 and 50 percent of the deceased's annual salary, depending on the survivor's age. If married, the marriage must have taken place at least two years prior to the death unless the couple had children. If a survivor was receiving alimony, the survivor benefit may not exceed the amount of alimony paid. On remarriage, the survivor receives a lump sum payment and forfeits any further benefits.

Surviving children who are eligible for family allowances will receive survivor benefits. The amount is dependent on the number of surviving children. Up to a total of 85 percent of the deceased's annual salary may be paid out to survivors, including the spouse, children, dependent parents and grandparents.

Unemployment benefits for employees

Those employed in Monaco who have been dismissed from their job must register with the French Unemployment Office, Pôle Emploi, in order to receive unemployment benefits.

A dismissal letter and a valid residence permit or identity card must be presented in order to file for benefits.

  • French Unemployment Branch for Residents of Monaco
    Service de l'Emploi
    : 2, rue Princesse Antoinette, MC 98000 Monaco
    Tel: +377 98 98 88 14
  • French Unemployment Office: satellite office (ASSEDIC Pôle Emploi Antenne) (in French)
    At: 8, rue Guyau, Menton, France
    Tel: +33 (0)4 93 82 05 45
    Fax: +33 (0)4 93 28 06 60

Social Security for Business Owners and the Self-Employed

Anyone with a business licence is required to register with the health and pension organisations, Caisse d'Assurance Maladie, Accident et Maternité des Travailleurs Indépendants (CAMTI) and Caisse Autonomes des Retraites des Travailleurs Indépendants (CARTI). The first is the Social Security Fund for the Self-Employed which administers sickness, maternity and accident benefits. The latter is the Independent Pension Fund for the Self-Employed which administers pensions for the self-employed.

All people registered as artisans, professionals (profession libérale), or as performing industrial or commercial activities are required to contribute to CAMTI for illness, accident and maternity cover. Financing is provided by monthly contributions from members.

Eligible parties (spouses, partners, dependent children) who do not have direct access to their own social security scheme and who reside in Monaco or in France also benefit from the cover.

Obtaining a Social Security Number


Prior to recruitment, an employer must submit the job vacancy to the Service de l'Emploi which keeps a roster of job-seekers. The Service de l'Emploi will acknowledge the job vacancy submission and may present suitable priority candidates for the position; it has four days to propose potential candidates for the position. If there are no priority applicants, the employer must then reply to the Service de l'Emploi with the name of the preferred candidate and a copy of their identity document.

In the event that the Service de l'Emploi judges that the choice is compatible with the legal requirements as regards employment priority, the Request for Recruitment and Registration Authorisation Form (Demande d'Autorisation d'Embauchage et d'Immatriculation) is sent to the employer.

This document must be completed, signed and returned by the employer to the Service de l'Emploi as soon as possible and at the latest within a month.

The recruitment file is forwarded by the Service de l'Emploi to Monégasque Social Security (Caisses Sociales de Monaco), which registers the employee's information and issues a temporary registration number. Additional documents may be requested depending on the person's situation.

  • Monégasque Social Security Fund (Caisses Sociales de Monaco - CSM) (in French)
    At: 11, rue Louis Notari, 98030 Monaco Cedex
    Tel: +377 93 15 43 43
    Fax: +377 93 50 60 34

The employer's responsibility

The employer has sole responsibility for carrying out the recruitment and registration request. In addition, the employer is jointly responsible with the employee for the information submitted in the request for recruitment, registration authorisation form and in turn, social security registration.

In the event of failure to carry out the registration procedure or a delay of over a month between the recruitment of the employee and the request for recruitment, the employer may be liable for the reimbursement of any payments made to the employee by Monégasque Social Security (Caisses Sociales de Monaco) prior to the confirmation of recruitment.

Social Security Agreements With Neighbouring Countries

Monaco has social security agreements with both France and Italy for coverage of retirement and medical expenses. Contributions in one state are considered qualifying contributions in the other state.