Administration in the Côte d'Azur

Contact information for the Prefectures and Sous-Prefectures in the Alpes-Maritimes and Var regions of the Côte d'Azur. The place to go for residency papers (titre de sejour), vehicle registration (carte grise), driving licences and more in France...

Préfecture is the name given to the administrative body of a region (département) and is the capital city of that region. The préfecture is in charge of the delivery of driving licences, car registration documents and residency permits.

Each department also has one or more sub-prefecture (sous-préfecture) able to carry out many - but not all - administrative activities.

Préfecture des Alpes-Maritimes
147 boulevard du Mercantour,
Tel: 04 93 72 20 00
Website (in French)
Préfecture du Var
Boulevard du 112ème Régiment d'Infanterie,
83070 Toulon Cedex
Tel: 04 94 18 83 83 
Website (in French)
Alpes-Maritimes - Nice
147 boulevard du Mercantour,
Tel: 04 92 42 32 00
Alpes-Maritimes - Grasse:
3 ave du Général de Gaulle
Tel: 04 92 42 32 00
Var - Brignoles:
Place du Palais de Justice
Tel: 04 94 37 03 83
Var - Draguignan:
1 bd Mar Foche
Tel: 04 94 60 41 00

Centre d'Impots

French Government Central Taxation
There are tax offices at various locations through the region.

Impots Gouvernement

Préfecture de région - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur


Town Halls (Mairies)

There are many administrative tasks that can be carried out at the Town Hall, or Mairie, or even online, such as obtaining birth, marriage or death certificates.

If you need a birth certificate for a child born in France, or a copy of a marriage or death certificate then it is possible to submit a request online via the Service Public website. Alternatively, a request can be carried out in person via this link, under Ou Faire la demarche, type in the post code for the relevant Town Hall.

Applications for French passports and identity cards are carried out at the Town Hall of your place of residence, or at the nearest Town Hall that delivers these documents.

If your child has dual nationality, and one of those nationalities is French, then it is essential that your child is registered or recensé within three months after their 16th birthday. This is carried out at the Mairie of the place of residence, and proof of identity and a Livret de Famille is required if the parents have one.