Parking and Car-pooling in Monaco

Finding parking in Monaco can be difficult for both residents of the Principality and those who come in daily to work. A parking subscription scheme guarantees a space either permanently or part time. Co-voiturage or car-pooling is also organised...

  • For information on all public parking areas (above and below ground) in Monaco: Click here (in French)

Parking by Subscription

Parking cards are available by subscription to residents of and employees in Monaco. These provide assured parking in secure parks at discount rates. Many of the Principality's car parks have a waiting list for the various categories of subscriptions.

In order to qualify, residents must prove that they live close to a chosen car park and their car must be registered in Monaco. Employees must prove that they work close to the car park.

The categories are:

  • Residents: only available to residents of Monaco who must prove that they live close to a chosen car park and their car is registered in Monaco
  • Employee (l'abonnement professionnel): allows 250 or 300 hours of parking each month in car parks close to the place of work
  • Car-pooling (l'abonnement covoiturage): allows special parking rates and priority parking spaces

Applying for a parking card

Parking cards are available and can be requested in writing at the following address:

Once a parking card has been issued a deposit equivalent to three months' parking fees must be laid down.

Cancelling subscriptions

All parking subscriptions can be cancelled by either party with 30 days' notice. Forms are available in the car parks or online. The initial deposit is repaid within two months of cancellation.

Towed and Impounded Cars in Monaco

To retrieve a vehicle towed in Monaco, go to the Poste de Police de Fontvieille (9 rue des Ligures). A fine for the parking violation as well as a towing fee will need to be paid. Vehicles impounded for more than 36 hours incur additional fees for storage.

  • Public Safety Department (Direction de la Sûreté Publique)
    Poste de Police de Fontvieille
    At: 9, rue Suffren Reymond, 98000 Monaco
    Tel: +377 93 15 30 15

Once the fine and fees have been paid, the vehicle may be collected at the Parking des Ecoles in Fontvieille. Vehicles left in the impound lot for more than a few months will be sold, though police claim they will attempt to notify the owner before the vehicle is put up for sale.


Employees in Monaco can make use of the car-pooling scheme - MonacoVoiturage - for a more economical and environmentally-friendly way to get to and around the Principality. Subscription is free.

  • For more information: Click here (PDF in French)

Subscribe to MonacoVoiturage

  • To subscribe: provide an employee number (Monaco social security number); then enter personal details and travel route. These details will be available for other registered users to access so that subscribers can search for matching journeys and contact can be made
  • To cancel: In the case of an unforeseen change to a subscriber's daily journey, inform fellow travellers
    • Tel: 0800 912 818
  • Special rates: Special parking rates and priority parking spaces are available for those who participate in this programme: Click here (in French)

There is online assistance to calculate the rate the driver should ask for from each passenger.

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