Electrical Rental Cars in Nice

Auto Bleue, the electric car rental system in the Nice area: a car-sharing subscription-only service allowing registered members the use of electric cars at any time. The cars, available from depots in 06, can be booked for one to 24 hours...

Auto Bleue is a self-service system for renting electric cars. With stations in Nice, St-Laurent-du-Var, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Vence, Carros, Colomars, La Trinite, Villefranche sur Mer and Beaulieu sur Mer, the cars are available 24/7 to subscribers and can be booked for use for a minimum of one hour and maximum of 24 hours.

How to Register for the Auto Bleue Service

The cars are available to registered users only, and there is a fee to sign up. Several options are available: Liberte, for those only using the service occasionally, and Frequence, which requires subscription for a minimum of six months. There are also morning-, evening-, or daily rental offers, as well as business car sharing offers.

To sign up

Register for the service online. Note that a scanned copy of a driver’s licence and ID card or passport is required.

Registration can also be made by post:

Mail the application form along with a copy of the driver’s licence and ID card, a Relevé d'Identité Bancaire (RIB, statement of bank details for payment) and a cheque for the appropriate fee to:

  • VENAP - Auto Bleue
    23 rue Chabrier
    06 300 Nice

Or visit:

When the application is approved, the user receives a card which gives access to the service.

Using the Cars

Once signed up to the service, a car can be reserved by phone, by Internet or directly at an agency. The car must be picked up and brought back to the same station, as all cars have assigned parking spots.

Charging a Private Electrical Car

In addition to the self-service rental cars, each station has two spots available for recharging privately-owned electric cars. The service is available to registered members and grants 12 hours of free parking while the car is charging.

The form should be sent to VENAP-Auto Bleue along with a cheque for the sign up fee, copies of ID card (or passport), carte verte, and a cheque for the deposit.

  • VENAP-Auto Bleue, Service Abonnement
    23 rue Chabrier
    06300 Nice

Registration can also be made directly at the Auto Bleue office:

  • Auto Bleue Office
    At: 17 avenue Thiers, 06000 Nice (in front of SNCF)