Duplicate Vehicle Registration Document - Loss or Theft

Find out how to go about changing the details of your vehicles registration document...

Application for a replacement certificat d'immatriculation (Carte Grise) must be made to the Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture.

In the case of loss the following "declaration of loss or theft" (Déclaration de perte ou de vol de certificat d'immatriculation - carte grise) forms are available from the Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture, Mairie or police:

Also required:

  • Demande de duplicata (request for duplicate) and Demande d'immatriculation request for registration form filled in and signed.
  • If the car is older than four years, a Contrôle technique (CT) roadworthiness document no older than 6 months will be needed.
  • Proof of identity: passport, Carte de Séjour or French driving licence.

Change of Address, or Change of Name Through Marriage

Registration of the change of name or address must be made within one month. It may be done online if the Certificat d'immatriculation is the "new style" with tear-off change of address section (number plate format ZZ-123-ZZ). If the Certificat d'immatriculation is the "old style", change of address must be done in person or in some départements, by post.

In person: the following must be supplied to the Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture:

  • Original certificat d'immatriculation (Carte Grise) car registration document
  • Certificat d'immatriculation registration form (Cerfa n°13750*03), available from Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture, Mairie or Police, filled in and signed
  • Proof of new residence: EDF bill, deed of sale or rental agreement (a copy of the landlord's passport may be required); for a name change a marriage certificate is required
  • Proof of identity: passport, Carte de Séjour or French driving licence
  • A contrôle technique is not needed

The change is registered on the spot.

Documents to be supplied are when requesting a change by post:

  • Certificat d'immatriculation (Carte grise): the original, or in the case of the new model, send the tear-off "change of address" section
  • Proof of identity: copy of passport, Carte de Séjour or French driving licence
  • Proof or new residence: copy of title deeds, rental contract, recent electricity bill or certificate of home insurance (or Proof of Marriage - marriage certificate - for a name change)
  • Original carte grise, or in the case of the new model, send the tear-off "change of address" section
  • Certificat d'immatriculation registration form (Cerfa n°13750), available from Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture, Mairie or Police, filled in and signed
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope with registered letter slip and proof of receipt form (available from a post office)

It generally takes two weeks for the change to be registered.

Owners of cars with the "new" SIV (2009 and onwards) licence plates (7-character alphanumeric format: AA-123-AA) need not obtain a new plate if they move to another department in France, however they must register the change of address as outlined above. Owners of cars with the "old" plate format must submit the address change then obtain a new format plate.

Note: It is essential that a copy of the carte grise and the registered letter receipt from the post office, addressed to the Préfecture, be kept in the car in place of the original carte grise while waiting for delivery of the new one.


In the case of mopeds and scooters, register a change of address at a vendor who has signed the "Convention" with the State. Supply a Demande d'immatriculation, proof of identity and the main section of the carte grise, cut off (leaving the detachable part which must be filled in and kept as proof of registration while waiting for the new carte grise).

After an Accident

If a car is involved in a severe accident, the police may take the Carte Grise and send it to the Prefecture.

If the car can be repaired, a report will be needed from a recognised expert, which explains the damage and proves that the car will be safe once repaired. The expert will provide a certificate which must be taken to the to the Préfecture. If it is satisfactory, your Carte Grise will be returned to you.

If the car cannot be repaired you must notify the Préfecture and the registration will be cancelled.

Destruction/Scrapping a Vehicle

A vehicle may only be destroyed by an approved, professional scrapper (démolisseur or broyeur) after ownership has been transferred to them. It is essential that the owner notifies the Préfecture.

How to destroy a vehicle

  • The owner wishing to have a vehicle destroyed must complete a "declaration of end of ownership or destruction of vehicle form" (Déclaration de cession ou cession pour destruction d'un véhicule Cerfa n°13754*02) form.
  • Write with indelible ink on the registration document either:
    • "vendu le" (sold) and the date and signature or
    • "cédé le" (yielded) with the date and signature
  • Remove the detachable part of the registration document (if there is one) and give the remainder to the scrapper

Send a copy of the completed Cerfa n°13754*02 form and the detachable section of the carte grise (if applicable) to the Préfecture within 15 days.

The scrapper has the responsibility, within 15 days, to provide proof of receipt of the vehicle for destruction and send a copy of this along with the registration document to the Préfecture so that the vehicle registration can be cancelled.

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