Costs and rebates: New vehicles & CO2 Emissions

Make sure you know how to make the most of the "eco taxe" in France...

Anyone who buys a brand new vehicle in France may be eligible for a rebate or a penalty, depending on the vehicle. Note: This does not apply to the sale or purchase of used (second hand) cars.

Bonus (Bonus Ecologique) rebates for low CO2 emissions vehicles

The buyer of a new vehicle with emissions lower than 91 grams of CO² per Kilometre is eligible for the Bonus rebate. Bonuses depend on the emissions level and cost of the new car and are awarded differently each year. If a vehicle older than 15 years is traded in for scrapping at the time the new car is ordered, the buyer gets an additional bonus (super bonus) of €200 (in 2015), if certain other conditions are met. A bonus of up to € 3,300 (depending on the price of the car and the CO² per Kilometre) is given when buying a new car powered by a combination diesel- or petrol-electric motor. For electric cars, the bonus is up to € 6,300 for vehicles with emissions less than 20 grams of CO² per Kilometre (depending on the price of the car). As of 1 April 2015, if buying either an electric car or a hybrid AND a diesel vehicle older than 13 years is traded for scrapping, an additional bonus is available. The bonus is 3700 for an electric car or 2500 for a hybrid. To receive the rebate, the form Bonus Ecologique must be completed and sent to ASP (Agence de Services et de Paiement) within three months of purchasing the car.

Écotaxe for high emissions vehicles

A penalty tax (écotaxe) is due on any car with high emissions - over 130 grams of CO² per Kilometre (2014 and 2015). It is a one-off payment and applies to the following:
  1. Any new vehicle registered in France
  2. Any used, privately owned vehicle imported and registered in France Note: In this case - a vehicle bought and registered abroad and then imported into France - the amount of tax reduced is reduced by 10 percent for each year from the date of first registration
ADEME (Agence de l'Environment et de la Maîtrise de l'Energie) provides comprehensive information on vehicles and their emissions (in French) with calculation tables and reference information.

Annual tax (Malus annuel) or the éco-pastille

In addition to the écotaxe, an annual payment (Malus annuel) of €160 applies to all high-emission cars first registered in France from 1 January 2009. This fee is charged by the insurer in addition to the insurance payment.