Regulated Professions

Understand the restrictions on both regulated professions and foreign companies...

The prospective businessperson should first identify if their intended business activity is regulated. In France, many are including: accountant, architect, beautician or hairdresser, builder or plumber, electrician, osteopath, notary, veterinarian, running a gîte, campsite, chambre d'hôte or equestrian centre, an art gallery, a travel agency and being an antiques dealer. Regulated professions require registration with the appropriate organisation (such as the URSSAF or the Chambre des Metiers). Depending on the activity, proof that qualification and experience complies with French standards may be required (this might include translations of certificates and references). A licence may be required and in most cases, proof of liability insurance is needed.
  • For a full list of regulated professions and the process required to register, visit APCE and select the profession from the alphabet tabs (in French)

Foreign Company with Employees in France

The French online business service, net-entreprises has comprehensive information and links relevant to a foreign company hiring staff in France.

Further Information

  • The French organisation APCE has comprehensive information online (in French):
    • For comprehensive information and tables of comparison between the various legal structures, visit the APCE
    • For relevant documents and forms see the "tool box" (Boîte à outils) section of the APCE website
  • The French Government service Accueil Professionnels et Entreprises (in French) is a portal to all relevant information to the business owner and employer in France
  • General information under several heading (in English) from Notaires de France on starting a business in France
  • Information from the Invest in France Agency Doing Business in France 2012 (PDF)