End of Employment and Registering for Assistance

Unemployed? Retrenched? Information on Pole-Emploi, the French national organisation dealing with issues relating to unemployment benefits and job seeking in France...

If a work contract has come to an end or a worker has been dismissed, the first step is to register at the local Pôle-Emploi office. The conditions for receiving benefits are quite complex and depend on an individual's circumstances and age. However, one criteria is that the employee must have worked at least 122 days (or 610 hours) out of the previous 28 months (36 months if over 50) and not have left the employment of their own free will (unless, for example, they left to follow a spouse to another part of the country for their job, or they have left as the result of a rupture conventionnelle du contrat de travail)

Registration at the Unemployment Office

Registration as unemployed may be made from the day following the end of an employment contract. Registration as unemployed and registration for access to employment  take place at the same job centre.


The job seeker must pre-register online by email or by telephone to make an appointment for registration for unemployment benefits and (if required) job seeking. Notice of the appointment will be received by email or telephone. Once an appointment has been made, the following documents are required at the meeting:
  • Registration and application for unemployment benefits file
  • Proof of identity (Carte de Séjour or passport)
  • Social security card
  • Attestation Pôle Emploi: Certificate issued by the employer (if relevant)
  • Bank RIB
Job seekers eligible for benefit payments will immediately be registered as an employment seeker. An identifying number and personal code is issued at the initial meeting. These should be quoted in all correspondence and at all meetings.
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Once the file (dossier) is completed, and the form allowing unemployment benefit (allocation de chômage) is completed and signed, the dossier will be examined. The unemployed person will be notified of their rights and obligations, and issued with a carte de demandeur d’emploi, which serves as an attestation d’inscription. An obligatory meeting with an advisor will take place the month following the registration. During the consultation the advisor will explore and elaborate on the Projet Personnalisé d'Accès à l'Emploi (PPAE) or "plan of action" to find a job. Before the meeting, the job seeker will be sent a document to help them prepare. CVs, job certificates, diplomas etc. should be brought to the meeting.