Work Permits in Monaco

Understand who is eligible for a work permit in Monaco and how to apply for one, if you are going to work in Monaco...

There is just one type of work permit (Permis de travail) in Monaco.

Who needs a work permit?

All foreign nationals - that is, non-Monegasques - are required to obtain a work permit (Permit de travail) before they take up any job in Monaco. They also need to get a new permit if they change position or employer.

How to get a work permit

It is the responsibility of the employer to help their employee obtain a work permit.

Not just anyone can work in Monaco. Recruitment must be agreed by the Service de l'Emploi. When a job vacancy comes available the employer must contact the Service de l'Emploi, which then has four days to come up with an employee from Monaco or the surrounding area. Under Monegasque law local people with the same qualifications have priority.

If a candidate within these criteria cannot be found, the employer may then propose its own candidate.

To obtain a work permit the employee must submit their contract of employment stamped by the employment service, along with proof of residence and personal identification to the Service de l'Emploi. If the employee lives in Monaco, a valid Monegasque residence permit is required. If resident in France, a French identity card or valid residence permit that authorises him to work is necessary.

The Employee also has to have an annual medical examination at the Office de la Médecine du Travail (Occupational Health Department).

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