Employment in Monaco

Information on getting a job and being employed in Monaco. Information is relevant for both EU and non-EU citizens moving to and living in Monaco...

Potential job candidates must be resident and legally employable in Monaco or France, or foreign with the appropriate documentation.

A foreign employee (from outside the European Economic Area, EEA) must hold a valid work permit allowing them to undertake salaried activity in Monaco. The permit is specific to the position, therefore if changing jobs, a new permit must be acquired.

Recruitment and Registration Procedures

There are two procedures for registration:

  1. Initial recruitment
  2. Renewal of, or change to, an existing work contract

Initial recruitment

Before recruiting for a position, the employer must submit the job vacancy to the Service de l'Emploi which keeps a list of job-seekers. The Service de l'Emploi then has four days to present suitable priority candidates for the position. If there are no priority applicants, the employer must then reply to the Service de l'Emploi with the name of the preferred candidate and a copy of their identity document.

The Monegasque government prioritises job-seekers in the following order of desirability:

  • Monaco nationals
  • Foreigners married to a Monégasque and not legally separated, and foreigners born to at least one Monégasque parent
  • Foreigners living in Monaco who were previously employed in Monaco
  • Foreigners in the neighbouring area (Cap d’Ail, La Turbie, Beausoleil, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin)

If the Service de l'Emploi judges that the choice is compatible with the legal requirements as regards employment priority, the Request for Recruitment and Registration Authorisation Form (Demande d'Autorisation et de permis de travail) is sent to the employer.

This document must be completed, signed and returned by the employer to the Service de l'Emploi.

The recruitment file is forwarded by the Service de l'Emploi to the Monégasque Social Security (Caisses Sociales de Monaco), which registers the employee's information and issues a temporary registration number. Additional documents may be requested depending on the person's situation.

A temporary registration document is issued when a recruitment request is submitted to the Labour Department (Service de l'Emploi). If the recruitment request is denied, then registration is immediately cancelled and the employer must put an end to the professional relationship with the employee.

  • Labour Department (Service de l'Emploi)
    At: "La Frégate", 2 rue Princesse Antoinette, 98000 Monaco
    Tel: +377 98 98 88 14

The employee may start work only after approval from the Occupational Health Department (Office de la Médecine du Travail).

  • Occupational Health Department (Office de la Médecine du Travail, OMT)
    At: L’Aigue Marine, 24 avenue de Fontvieille, 98000 Monaco
    Tel: +377 97 98 46 46
    Fax: +377 92 05 93 52

Initial recruitment of those not resident in France or Monaco

If a candidate does not live in Monaco or France, the applicant must fulfil the requirements concerning the entry of foreigners to Monaco. The employer must submit a contract of employment for a foreign worker to the Service de l'Emploi. If this contract is approved by the Service de l'Emploi, the applicant will receive the visa required for entry into the Principality (for those outside the European Union) from the consular authority in the employee’s country of origin.

Application for a work permit can be made after the issue of a Monégasque residence permit is obtained.

Renewal of or change to an existing work contract

Requests for the renewal of or change to an existing work contract must be made through the Service de l'Emploi.

Employees who were previously employed in Monaco, but have not worked in Monaco for a period of six months, must be approved by the Department of Public Safety and the Occupational Health Office before a work permit can be obtained.

Duration of Registration

Registration is valid from the date of recruitment. It cannot be backdated to a date earlier than the date of submission of the recruitment and registration request to the Service de l'Emploi.

The registration is no longer valid after the last day of work with a company; this day includes the resignation period and any outstanding holidays.

Registration continues in the case of illness or maternity leave, disability, work-related injury or unemployment following the completion of a contract. Registration also continues in the case of suspension of a contract due to illness/maternity leave or unpaid leave of less than a month.

Unemployment and Social Security

Registration with the Labour Department (Service de l'Emploi) in Monaco identifies employees engaged in a salaried activity in the principality. It is necessary to register in order to benefit from the services of the Social Security Department (Caisse de Compensation des Services Sociaux/CCSS) and the Pensions Department (CAR). The employer has sole responsibility for the recruitment and registration formalities.

In case of unemployment, benefits are obtained through the French unemployment system (Pôle Emploi).

The Employer's Responsibility

The employer is solely responsibility for completing and submitting the recruitment and registration request.

In the event of failure to carry out the registration procedure or a delay of over a month between the recruitment of the employee and the request for recruitment, the employer may be liable for the reimbursement of any payments made to the employee by Monégasque Social Security (Caisses Sociales de Monaco) prior to the confirmation of recruitment.

Also, the employer is jointly responsible with the employee for the information submitted in the request for recruitment, registration authorisation form and in turn, social security registration.

Exceptions to the Registration Procedure

Employers of domestic help (in the employer's own home) are not subject to the general requirements for hiring employees. The employer need only provide their address and phone number along with a photocopy of the employee's residence permit to the Labour Department.

Further Information