Job Contracts in Monaco

Understand the various types of employment contracts available in Monaco...

Employment contracts in Monaco follow a similar system to in France. However, they tend to be more flexible than their French counterparts.

There are two types of contracts; a permanent Contrat à durée indéterminée (CDI) and a fixed-term Contrat à durée déterminée (CDD).

Permanent contract (CDI)

This type of contract is for a non-specific duration. It can be ended by one or other party along the terms included in the contract, which must be in writing.

One major difference between Monegasque and French permanent contracts is that it is easier to be made redundant in Monaco. Article 6 of the Code du Travail states that an employer can make a person redundant without giving any reason as long as the notice period is respected. Not respecting the notice period obliges the responsible party to pay an indemnity to the other.

If the employee is foreign, the contract may be translated into his or her mother tongue on request. Otherwise it will be written in French, the official language in Monaco.

Fixed-term contract (CDD)

This type of contract may be used only for carrying out a specific, temporary task, such as to replace an employee who is on maternity leave, or for seasonal work.

A CDD in Monaco can be renewed up to three times. After that it becomes a CDI.

As with a permanent contract, a fixed-term contract must be in writing, and must include the reason for the job (such as, maternity cover).

What contracts should include

  • Name and address of employer and employee
  • Position
  • Salary
  • Type of contract
  • Details of trial period
  • Notice period
  • 39 hour working week
  • Five weeks holiday

Types of Jobs Covered

The contracts above cover all jobs available in Monaco, from banking to hospitality and throughout the public and private sectors.

Temporary contracts

There are numerous agencies in Monaco through which temporary and seasonal work can be found. The contract is drawn up between the recruitment agency, the employer and the employee.

The temporary employment agencies can only place employees in short-term work known as a "mission".

Exceptions to the rule

Employers of domestic help in their own home are not subject to any contract. The employer must simply provide their address and phone number along with a photo copy of the employee's residence permit to the Service de l'Emploi (Employment Service).

  • Employment Department (Service de l’Emploi)
    At: La Frégate, 2 Rue Princesse Antoinette, 98000 Monaco
    Tel: (+377) 98 98 88 14

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