Animal Organisations in South Aquitaine

Information about pet associations and refuges in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Landes...

The Association for the Protection of Abandoned Animals (Associations de Protection Animale de l'Aquitaine, APAA) has contact details for the animal shelters and animal protection organisations in Aquitaine.

  • For contact information of refuges in the Pyrénées Atlantiques and Landes: Click here

ADAP (Association de Défense Animale Pyrénéenne) is an association defending animal rights. It has a neutering/spaying programme and has cats and dogs available for adoption

  • ADAP
    At: 6-8 avenue Robert Schuman, 64000 Pau
    Tel: 0652166513

TXAKURRAK is an animal refuge in Pyrénées-Atlantiques with cats and dogs available for adoption

    : 69 chemin de Loustaounaou, 64100 Bayonne
    : 05 59 55 25 90