Attractions of South Aquitaine

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South Western France is famous for its diverse cuisine. Eels, mussels and oysters are popular on the coast with salty lamb and goat's cheese complimented by the wines produced in land. The Basque country around the Spanish border is heavily influenced by the more spicy Spanish cuisine. Goats' cheese is another product of the region. Truffles are expensive delicacies that grow in the wild in the forests of the Aquitaine along with various wild mushrooms. But above all the area is famous for fois gras; a pâté made from enlarged goose or duck liver.


There are over 240 Km of sandy beaches on the Aquitaine coastline. The area has a strong sea tide which means that the scenery is constantly changing. The Aquitaine Tourist Board has a guide (in English) to all beaches of the coast.

Surfing in Aquitaine

The beaches of the Côte d'Argent (the silver coast) are popular with surfers and the funnel shape of the Bay of Biscay provides consistently good quality waves. The two main resorts are Biarritz and Hossegor - with Biarritz regularly hosting international competitions - but the world famous Atlantic waves break all along the coast.

  • Website has a map of the best surf beaches in Landes and the Basque Country with a comprehensive guide on what to expect at each beach and directions to get there: Click here and choose the region