Bus Services in Landes and the Pyrénées Atlantiques

Details and contact information on the regional and city bus transport systems in Pyrenees Atlantiques and Landes' towns of Dax, Mont-de-Marsan, Pau, Biarritz, Bayonne and more...

The départements of Landes and the Pyrénées Atlantiques have regional and urban public bus services. Bus schedules (and sometimes route maps) are usually posted at bus stops and bus shelters. Bus timetables are available at Tourist offices and town halls.

Landes Regional and Departmental Bus Services

RDTL (Régie Départementale des Transports des Landes) provides a regular bus service for the whole département. It also provides a school bus service; details are on the website (in French).

Single trip tickets are sold by the driver on the bus.

Discounts are also available to "very frequent" travellers buying monthly or weekly season tickets. Ticket books (carnets) are also available to frequent passengers. Discounts are available to disabled people and children under five travel free.

  • The interactive website has a route planner, up-to-date route maps, tariffs and timetables: Click here (in French)

  • RDTL Dax
    At: Gare routière, 11 Ave de la Gare, Dax 
    Tel: 05 58 56 80 80 
    Fax: 05 58 74 28 49
  • RDTL Mont-de-Marsan
    At: 99 rue Pierre Benoît, Mont- de- Marsan
    Tel: 05 58 05 66 04

Urban Transport Mont-de-Marsan

TUM (Transports Urbains du Marsan) provides an urban service for Mont-de-Marsan and St-Pierre-du-Mont. It follows eight lines and runs Monday to Saturday. The buses are accessible to wheelchairs. There are discount passes for the unemployed, disabled and elderly.

  • TUM
    At: 105 rue de la ferme du Conte, Mont de Marsan
    Tel: 05 58 45 04 26

Urban Transport Dax

URBUS serves the communes of Dax, St-Paul-Lès-Dax, St-Vincent-de-Paul, Narrosse, Seyresse, Yzosse and Oeyreluy. There are 14 lines run Mondays to Saturdays and one line on Sundays.

Com'Urbus is a customised transport service provided by URBUS. This is a "bus on demand" connecting Dax and St-Paul-Lès-Dax; it's available to the communes of Angoumé, Bénesse-Lès-Dax, Candresse, Gourbera, Herm, Heugas, Mées, Rivière Saas-et-Gourby, St-Pandelon, Saugnac-et-Cambran, Siest, Tercis-les-Bains and Téthieu.

  • To arrange a Com'Urbus trip Tel: 0825 800 127 
    Tel: 05 58 56 80 80

Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64) Regional and Departmental Bus Service

Transdev ATCRB (Association de Transports en Commun de la Région Basque) serves the Côte Basque and goes as far as San Sebastien in Spain. It provides a regular bus links between Bayonne and Hendaye, taking in Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz, Bidart, Guéthary, St-Jean-de-Luz, Ciboure and Urrugne. It also runs a weekly school bus service (information is available from the relevant school).

The bus company has adapted transport for wheelchair and physically disabled passengers. This is available on demand.

One-day pass and single trip tickets are sold on the bus; ticket books (carnets) of 10 each and monthly pass cards are also available.

    At: Jalday II, 146 rue Belharra, 64500 St-Jean de Luz
    Tel: 05 59 08 00 33
    Fax: 05 59 08 00 30

ITZULIA is an occasional shuttle service connects St-Jean-de-Luz and Ciboure. It also provides "bus on demand" for the route.

  • To arrange an ITZULIA trip Tel: 0800 891 091

URBIL is a three line service for Denentzat/Mairie, Mairie/Atabala/Deux Jumeaux and Deux Jumeaux/Sokoburu/Mairie. It also has a "bus on demand" option.

  • To arrange an URBIL trip Tel: 0 800 881 691

Urban Transport Pau

STAP provides a comprehensive bus service that for Billère, Jurançon, Pau, Gelos, Mazères-Lezons, Lescar, Lons, Bizanos, Gan, Ousse, Sendets, Lée, Idron and Artigueloutan. A shuttle service runs in the city centre of Pau, the Citadine.

The service includes a reduced Sunday and night bus (Noctambus) service as well as school buses, services for mobility reduced and a "bus on demand" TAXIBUS. All the information is available on the up-to-date website.

  • STAP
    At: rue Gachet Palais des Pyrénées Pau
    Tel: 05 59 14 15 16

Urban Transport Bayonne

STAB (Société Transports en commun de l'Agglomération de Bayonne) serves the area of Bayonne, Anglet, Biarritz, Saint-Pierre-d'Irube, Boucau and Tarnos along 14 lines. The ZEBUS serves the schools and colleges.

A free shuttle service is available in Biarritz every 10 minutes from Monday to Saturday 07:30-19:30.

  • STAB tickets are sold at Les Kiosques in Bayonne and Biarritz
    Open: Monday to Saturday 08:15-12:00 and 13:30-18:00
  • STAB Bayonne
    : Place De Gaulle
    Tel: 05 59 59 04 61
  • STAB Biarritz
    At: Avenue Louis Barthou, Javalquinto
    Tel: 05 59 24 26 53
  • AlloBus "bus on demand" Tel: 05 59 52 59 52