Registration of a PACS

Registration of a civil partnership in France (PACS) is done at the local town hall. In some cases pre-filing online may be possible...

Registration is made through a common declaration at the town hall in the area of residence. The couple must be together and in person for the appointment, along with original documents and valid ID. In some areas it may be possible streamline the process by pre-filing online:

  • Go to the French government website
  • Expand the box labelled Où et comment faire la démarche?
  • Input your postcode
  • If it is possible to pre-register online, click the button marked Accéder au service en ligne
  • The postcode finder will also show the location of the town hall along with details of who to make an appointment with

Documents required by both

These documents are required by both members of the couple:
  • Form 15725 that includes:
    • The intent to register a PACS
    • A sworn statement that a PACS can be legally entered into
    • That there is no kinship or alliance through marriage or PACS preventing this new PACS agreement (Attestation sur l'honneur)
    • A sworn statement that the partners have a common residence in the area of registration
  • A convention (a PACS contract). The link given here is a template form that may be used as a PACS contract however  a customised agreement is also acceptable. In both cases the PACS contract must be in French
  • The contract must state that the partners have entered into an agreement governed by the Law No 99-944 of November 15 1999. 
  • Proof of identity
  • Copy of the birth certificate (acte de naissance ou extrait avec filiation) issued no more than three months prior (foreigners birth certificates must have been issued no more than 6 months prior)
Other documents:
  • Widowhood: must provide details of the deceased partner (birth and death certificates)
  • Divorcees: must present a copy of the divorce decree
  • Prior PACS: must provide proof of dissolution
Note: Courts may demand that these documents be recently issued copies no more than six months old - it is strongly recommended to find out if this applies before starting the process.

Foreigners are required to provide further documents

  1. A Certificat de non pacte civil de solidaritéForeigners or people born outside of France must provide this proving that they are not already bound by a PACS agreement. The request form (cerfa n°12819*04) can be obtained at the Tribunal de Grande Instance or downloaded and posted along with copies of personal documents.
  2. A Certificat de coutume. This is a document issued by the foreigner's consul's office in France; it serves to prove their nationality, legal capacity, legal adult age and declare that they are legally single (neither married nor holding a partnership agreement issued in another country)
  3. An Attestation de non inscription au répertoire civil is required if the foreigner has been resident in France for over one year. This can be requested by email or in writing from:
    • Ministère en charge des affaires étrangères - Service central de l'état civil 11, rue de la Maison-Blanche 44941 Nantes cedex 09 Fax: 02 51 77 36 99
Further information regarding these and other documents that may be required from a specific magisterial district is available from the local magistrates' court. All foreign documents and certificates should be translated into French by an official court translator.

  • More information on PACS from Service Public (in French)