How To Exchange a Driving Licence

Find out the exact steps to follow if you have to (or would like to) exchange your foreign driving licence...

In February 2020 changes were made to the application procedure for exchanging Foreign Driver’s Licences obtained in an EU /EEA country. Although it is not a requirement for EU/EEA licence holders to exchange their licence for a French one, applications for the exchange of an EU/EEA driving licence to a French licence can now only be made online.

Foreign students with a 
student residence permit can drive in France with a non-European license for the duration of their studies.

Since August 2020, applications to exchange non-EU licences must done online via the L'agence nationale des titres sécurisés (ANTS) website. The application process can be tracked online

The deadline for exchanging a licence depends on nationality and meeting certain conditions set out by the French Authorities. Licences are usually issued within 35 days. Licences are sent directly to the registered address via post.

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For more on applying for a licence visit the ANTS website

Your driving licence will be exchanged for one in the equivalent category. The exchange of an EU licence for a French one is free in most parts of France. 

  • Be aware that it can many weeks for the French licence to be issued.
  • A towing permit issued on some licences may not be included in the new French licence.

Once you get your new French driving licence it is valid for 15 years.


Exchanging professional licences

Professional drivers of busses, taxis, light and heavy goods vehicles and haulage vehicles (LGV and HGV - those other than standard A and B category) with licences issued by an EU member state are entitled to exchange the licence for the equivalent French one. However, be aware that a may be required specifying the qualifying category. A home-country consulate or French employer can be consulted and should be able to provide the appro

priate information if necessary. A medical certificate is also required when applying for the exchange. In some cases there are age restrictions for professional licences: a minimum age of 21 years and maximum of 60 years.