Bikes and Cycling in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a bike-friendly city with many facilities catering specifically to cyclists. Find out about the bike paths, parking (Veloparc) and bike rental and see maps of bike routes throughout the city...

Strasbourg is considered by many to be the most cycle-friendly city in France, with over 130,000 cyclists and almost 500 Km of cycling paths. The cycling network in Strasbourg has been developed in conjunction with the tram, bus and train systems, reducing dependence on cars. The city has worked to make cycling safe and convenient for commuters as well as visitors.

Bicycle Paths

Because the city centre has many streets closed to cars, travel by bike can be the quickest way around. Lanes are well-marked. Be aware that conveniently, many one-way streets in Strasbourg carry two-way bike paths (a contra-flow system).

At some marked junctions, bikes are allowed to turn right at a red light (while still yielding to pedestrians).

  • Interactive maps of some bike routes around Strasbourg can be found at

Bicycle Parking

The city of Strasbourg has over 18,000 bike racks and secure parking lots, which doesn’t include parking facilities provided by schools and businesses. 850 secure parking spaces are available at the train station with a nominal yearly subscription, which includes video surveillance as well as maintenance and tire inflation facilities. There is also bike parking at Austerlitz, Broglie, Saint Aurelie, Wodli, Halles, Saint Nicholas and Porte de l'Hôpital.

Secure bike parking lots (Veloparcs) are available at tram and bus stops. The service is available only to Badgeo transit card holders and is free and accessible 24 hours a day. A Badgeo card is required to access the facility. It is highly recommended to use a lock to secure bikes parked at Veloparcs.

The following tram and bus stations in Strasbourg have bike parking available:

  • Winston Churchill (tram C and E)

  • Jean Jaurès (tram C and D)

  • Schluthfeld (tram A and  E)

  • Signalétique du véloparc Schluthfeld- Kibitzenau (tram C)

  • Krimmeri Stade de la Meinau (tram A and  E)

  • Hohwart (tram A and  E - bus 7 and 27)

  • Neuhof Lorient (bus 14 and 27)

  • Campus d'Illkirch (tram A - bus 2 and 63)

  • Illkirch Lixenbuhl (tram A - bus 2 and 7)

  • Plobsheim Mairie (bus 63)

  • Hoenheim Gare (tram B and C - bus 4,6)

  • Rives de l'Aar (tram B - bus 50)

  • Robertsau Boecklin (tram E - bus 6, 18, 30 and 72)

  • Rotonde (tram A and D - bus 17,19)

  • Baggersee (tram A and E - bus 7, 27, 62, 65, 66, 211)

  • Rue de l'Etang à Fegersheim (bus 66)

  • Ostwald Hôtel de Ville (tram B - bus 2)

  • Niederhausbergen Mairie (bus 6a and 17)

  • La Wantzenau - place de la Mairie ( bus 72)

  • Reichstett - à l'arrière de l'Eglise protestante (bus 4 stop "Hay Ecomusée")

  • Lingolsheim Alouettes (bus 12, 13, 15, 22, tram B)

  • More information about Véloparcs from Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS) (in French)

Bicycle Security

Regardless of whether a bike is parked in a secure or un-secured spot, it should be locked with a good-quality lock. Wheels can be easily removed from bikes and stolen, so it is important to secure these also.

For identification purposes in case of theft, it is recommended to mark bicycle frames with an identification number. The bike advocacy group, Two Wheel Action Committee 67 (Comité d'Action Deux Roues 67/CADR 67) will imprint an identification number on the frame. Contact CADR 67 to arrange this service.

Bike Rental

Vélhop is a non-profit enterprise that rents out bicycles in Strasbourg. It has several locations in the city:

  • Vélhop
    At: Strasbourg train station (Gare de Strasbourg), 4 rue de Mayor Kuss, 67000 Strasbourg
    Tel: 09 60 17 74 63
  • Vélhop
    At: 3 rue d'Or (Centre), 67000 Strasbourg
    Tel: 09 65 27 97 25
  • Vélhop
    : 23 boulevard de la Victoire (Université), 67000 Strasbourg
    Tel: 09 62 32 06 46
  • Vélhop
    : 67 route des Romains (Koenigshoffen), 67000 Strasbourg
    Tel: 09 64 01 67 00
  • Vélhop
    : 3 rue Saint-Charles, 67300 Schiltigheim
    Tel: 03 88 33 68 15

Bikes can be rented for a few hours or up to a year. A deposit of €150 is required for conventional bikes. Students and workers receive discounted rates. Payment can be made with cash, credit card or cheque.

Child seats are available for rental for a nominal fee. Speaking guide systems for information about the city are also available for rental.

Rental bikes are equipped with a lock as well as required safety features such as a bell, lights and reflectors. A basket may also be included.

Bike Culture

The Strasbourg Festival of the Bike (Fête du Vélo) is held annually in September and celebrates the two-wheeled mode of transport and sport.

CADR 67 offers a guide (in French) for cyclists in Strasbourg. It is available at the CADR 67 offices. CADR 67 also offers information programmes for local schoolchildren about bike safety.