Find out about the legal requirements of being self-employed...

The auto-entrepreneur is required to keep a ledger of all revenues received.

The auto-entrepreneur re-selling goods or materials, or providing furnished accommodation must also keep a ledger of all business expenses.

Copies of all invoices, receipts and formal offers/quotations must be retained.

Limiting Liability

While the auto-entrepreneur has unlimited liability regarding the operation of the business, it is possible to make, in the presence of a notaire, a déclaration d’insaisissabilité, protecting the business-person's home, and also any assets not directly associated with the running of the business, from seizure.

End of Activity

To end the status of auto-entrepreneur, fill in the online form P2-P4 Auto-entrepreneur, or do a Déclaration de Cessation d’Activité.

Further Information

The French Government's dedicated auto-entrepreneur website contains extensive information and downloadable self-declaration forms.