Places of Interest in Berlin

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Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

A neoclassical structure built from 1788 to 1791, the Brandenburg Gate is situated on Pariser Platz and used to mark the divide from East to West. Today, the Brandenburg Gate is the central tourist attraction of Berlin.

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Tiergarten and the Zoological Garden (Zoologischer Garten)

Located in the centre of Berlin within the district of the same name, the Tiergarten has many lakes, streams and meadow areas and is a popular spot for Berliners during the summer months. At the edge of the Neuer See lake there is a café with outdoor seating and boats are available for hire. The park also has many monuments to famous German poets and composers.

  • Tiergarten
    : Strasse des 17. Juni, 10557 Berlin-Tiergarten
    : S-Bahn Tiergarten or Bellevue, U-Bahn Hansaplatz; Bus 100, 265, 343

The Zoological Garden, one of the oldest zoos in Germany, is set within the Tiergarten. Features include an aquarium, monkey house, hippopotamus pool and large terrarium.

Potsdamer Platz

Constructed on the former "No Man's Land" this newly-built district houses big corporations such as Sony and has venues for cinema, theatre, dining and national symphony. The Potsdamer Platz shopping arcade has stores selling gifts, clothes and international foods. In the winter, there is an ice rink under the tented roof and the Christmas market sells delicacies from around the country.

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Checkpoint Charlie

Formerly the only portal in the Berlin Wall between East and West Berlin, the remains of the crossing point include the original guard's house and some remnants of the wall. The Checkpoint Charlie Museum (Haus am Checkpoint Charlie) provides insight into individual escapes from East Berlin.

  • Information on Checkpoint Charlie can be found on Wikipedia: Click here
  • For the official Checkpoint Charlie Museum (Haus am Checkpoint Charlie) website: Click here

TV Tower (Fernsehturm)

Built in the 1950s, this 365m tower is referred to by locals as the "Toothpick" (Telespargel). The second-tallest structure in Europe, the tower has a viewing platform and rotating restaurant.


The parliament building stood empty during the cold war and now houses the current government. Built in 1871, the Reichstag was the main governing chamber for the German Empire until 1918. The Weimar constitution then took over the house as the supreme legislative body of Germany. In 1933 a fire destroyed a large part of the building and Adolf Hitler, blaming the communists, used this as a means to gain a majority in the government with his national socialist party (the Nazis). The new dome-shaped roof was designed by Norman Foster and provides a location for visitors to observe parliamentary sessions through the open skylight.


Kulturforum is a cultural centre in West Berlin mostly built between 1961 and 1987. It includes several museums, including the Gemäldegalerie, and the Berlin Philharmonic concert hall. The Gemäldegalerie collection includes works from all the major European schools of art and is known for the high quality of the paintings.

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