Fishing in Berlin

Information on freshwater fishing in the rivers and lakes of Berlin, including details of fishing and angling associations...

Over seven percent of the total surface area of Berlin is water. From the larger Müggelsee in the east to the Havel, Spree and Dahme rivers in the centre and the plethora of lakes surrounding the suburb of Potsdam to the west of the city, Berlin is set in a form of wetlands. Berlin and its surrounding state of Brandenburg are known as the Bream region in Germany, but they also boast a large variety of other fish. In 1999 almost 400 tons of fish were caught in the waters around Berlin, including many of the species mentioned above, as well as roach (Plötzen) and white bream (Güstern).

The quality of the city's water has dramatically improved recently. Ten years ago some lakes were nearing crisis point, however aeration and careful nature protection has led to the majority of Berlin's lakes being healthy and filling up with fish. Berlin is one of the only cities in Germany with a healthy fishing industry for both tourists and residents.