Sailing in and Around Berlin

Where to go boating near Berlin and details of local yacht clubs and sailing associations...

Sailing is popular in and around Berlin due to the abundance of rivers and lakes surrounding the city. However, there is a limit to the size of the vessels as Berlin's waters are not large.

Some of the most popular lakes in the region are:

  • Heiligensee (Potsdam - southeast of Berlin)
  • Tegelersee (Tegel - northwest Berlin)
  • Müggelsee (Körpenick - southwest Berlin)
  • Wannsee - (Wannsee - west of the city centre)

Berlin Yacht Clubs and Associations

  • German-British Yacht Club (Deutscher-Britischer Yacht Club, DBYC)
    At: Kladower Damm 217a, 14089 Berlin
    Tel: 030 365 4010
    Fax: 030 3680 8426
  • American International Yacht Club (AIYCB)
    : Sandwerder 17-19, 14109 Berlin (Wannsee)
    : 030 8040 3630
    : 030 8040 3620
  • Berlin Sailing Association (Berliner Segler-Verband)
    The website has information and links to other clubs and associations in the Berlin area
  • Spandauer Yacht Club Berlin
    At: Scharfe Lanke 31, 13595 Berlin-Spandau
    Tel: 030 361 5717
    Fax: 030 3628 310
    Offers berths for guests in their marina – boats must not measure more than 13m

Further Information