Banking in Germany

Information on opening a German bank account - what documents to provide - the credit and debit cards, payment methods cheques and more...

Banking is a simple process in Germany. Whether it is face-to-face in-house services, paying bills directly at the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) or online home banking, Germany's banks provide their customers with clear and easy-to-use services using the latest banking technologies.

Major German Retail Banks

The major banks in Germany are:

There are also many regional banks, such as the Berliner Bank or Hamburger Bank. The Savings Bank (Sparkasse) and People's Bank (Volksbank) also have regional branches, which are named according to their location (for example Sparkasse Leipzig or Berliner Volksbank).

Banking technologies allow for online transactions, standing orders and the use of ATMs to make bill payments. Cardholders of some banks may use others' free of charge and the banks themselves are becoming more open-plan, providing easy access to business advisors and clerks.