Registration in Berlin

Residents living in Berlin for more than two months need to register with the Citizen Services Office (Burgeramt)...

Everyone living in Germany has to register at the nearest Citizen Services Office (Burgeramt) to get their official registration document (Anmeldung). This is required of all residents who will reside in Berlin for longer than two months. The only exception is if the resident resides in another German state and will only be staying in Berlin for up to six months.

The official registration document (Anmeldung) is required in order to:

  • Open a German bank account
  • Obtain a residence permit
  • Receive German health insurance
  • Enroll at a German University
  • Sign many contracts in Germany (e.g. mobile telephone, telephone and internet, electricity, gas, etc.)

Residents moving house within Germany must re-register with the new local office which will automatically inform the previous one. In Berlin, this should be done within 14 days of relocating to a new address.

  • Find out more about the Burgeramt and how to make an appointment


To register (anmelden) in Berlin, several documents are required:

  • Official ID - passport (non-EU) or ID card (EU/EEA)
  • Tenancy or Sublet Contract
  • Birth Certificate/ID of any family members or children residing within the same residence (translated into German)
  • Marriage Certificate (translated into German)
  • Filled out form from landlord confirming residence on the property
  • Filled out Registration Form

The Citizen Services Office (Burgeramt) should be informed In case of name changes or marriage.

When leaving Germany, citizens and residents need to deregister (abmelden). This can either be done in person or in writing. To deregister (abmelden) in Berlin, two documents are required:

  • Filled out deregistration form
  • Filled out form from landlord confirming the tenant's departure from the property (seven days before or after departure)

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