Driving in Berlin's Environmental Zones

Berlin has driving restrictions in the Environmental Zones. Find out how to apply for the environmental badge or sticker...

To reduce air pollution, Berlin (and many other German cities) has established an Environmental Zone (Umweltzone) and only vehicles meeting certain exhaust emission standards may drive in this area.

Coloured windscreen stickers, also called Environmental Badges, identify the pollution class a vehicle belongs to: green (class 4), yellow (class 3) and red (class 2).

  • For detailed information on the Environmental Zone: Click here
  • For a map of the Environmental Zone: Click here (PDF)

Driving Restrictions

As of 1 January 2010, only vehicles belonging to pollution class 4 (green sticker) may drive in the Environmental Zone. Until the end of 2011, foreign-registered vehicles not eligible for a green sticker, but which fall under pollution class 3 (yellow sticker) and are exempt from the traffic ban but are still required to apply for and display a sticker.

Getting an Environmental Badge

Stickers - valid in all of Germany - can be obtained by presenting the vehicle registration documents at the vehicle registration authority (Landesamt für Bürger und Ordnungsangelegenheithen, LABO), technical certification organisations or authorised repair workshops. Or apply online:

  • To apply for an environmental badge for a German-registered car online: Click here
  • To apply for an environmental badge for a foreign-registered car: Click here
  • For the Guide "Better air for Berlin": Click here (PDF)
  • For the brochure "Berlin's Environmental Zone Information for Foreign Tourists": Click here (PDF)

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