Car Sharing in Berlin

Find out about the self-service, pay-as-you-go, car sharing schemes in Berlin: how to subscribe, book, collect and return your hire car…

While public transport in Berlin has many options and is dependable, there are times when only a car will do. The Berlin transport authority (BVG) offers special deals with several car sharing companies to their subscription users.

There are several car sharing companies available to use in Berlin with different rates and rules. Some of the most popular are listed below.


Car2go is a flexible and ecological car sharing system available in 16 European cities, allowing subscribers to rent electric cars on a short-term basis. In Berlin, vehicles are available 24/7 from parking zones situated throughout the city.

How to register for the Car2go service

The cars are available to registered users only. After registering online, it is necessary to bring the driver’s licence and credit card to a car2go shop, or an authorised validation point, to ensure the validity of the driver’s licence and activate the user account.

Download the car2go application (available for iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry) and use it to locate an available car, and to rent it on the spot.

Using the cars

Once signed up to the service, a car may be reserved up to 30 minutes in advance, or rented on the spot.

A car2go can be collected from any hiring point. The cars can be opened either by using the car2go app. The key can be found next to the touch screen in the car. Users are asked to check for outside damage and inside cleanness and rate it after entering the PIN on the touch screen.

To keep the car reserved during stopovers, it should be locked with the ignition key remote control.

The car can be returned within the designated car2go area in any legal parking space.

Fees and payment

The cost of rental is calculated per minute, per hour or per day. The cost is debited from the bank card that was used to register.

  • Detailed information on the fees (PDF in German)

Regular users may also profit from different minute packages.


A help button in the car allows direct contact with the car2go team, who will send out assistance in the event of a breakdown.


In the event of an accident, contact the car2go assistance using the SOS button, and call the emergency service if someone is injured. Call the police if another car is involved. An accident report sheet should be filled in.

Cambio CarSharing

Cambio CarSharing is available to registered users, and offers different types of vehicles at some 26 stations in Berlin.

  • Cambio CarSharing
    At: Passat Reisen, Gneisenaustraße 97, 10961 Berlin
    Tel: 030-91 20 67 91


Registration is possible online (in Germany only) or in English directly at a local customer service centre. There is a fee for this.

Using the cars

Cars can be booked by phone, online or by app, immediately before use or in advance. Reservations can be made by the hour, day or week, with a minimum of one hour and maximum of 30 days. There is an additional fee for those not wanting to commit to a fixed return time.


In addition to the registration fee, a monthly administration fee may be added, depending on the type of package chosen. The actual cost of the use of the cars is calculated according to the number of kilometres driven and the number of hours rented. Fuel, insurance and VAT is included.


Greenwheels offers shared compact cars which can be found in easily accessible locations in the city.

They are reserved for a certain time, and the reservation can only be extended if no one else has booked the car.


Registration is made online and involves a credit check. When approved, the client receives a Greenwheels card, which is activated only when the driving licence has been checked.

Using the cars

Cars can be located and booked online or by using the app. They are opened using the app or by holding the Greenwheels card in front of the card reader behind the windscreen. A PIN must be entered into the on-board computer to access the key.


Different subscription plans are available, and they can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled with one month’s notice.


DriveNow is a flexible car sharing system allowing to pick up and drop off the car wherever wanted.


The registration fee is 29 €. After registering online, a DriveNow Customer Card can be picked up in any station, by showing the driving licence, ID card, and a debit/credit card. The customer card serves as a personal key.

Using the cars

Cars can be located and reserved with a smartphone, tablet, PC or by phone – or picked up without reserving.

Reservation is free for 15 min in advance, but it is possible to reserve for up to eight hours, for a fee per minute.

The car can be left parked free of charge in any public parking spot in the business area. If needed again, it can be put on hold, if not, the booking must be ended using the display in the car.


Driving the cars has a cost per minute, which includes fuel, parking, insurance and car tax.

  • Detailed information on the fees

Further Information

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