Veterinarians (Tierarzt)

Find out how to access vaccinations and veterinary care for dogs, cats and other pets in Germany...

Most vets will have some knowledge of English because it tends to be the international veterinary language. Pet owners can approach any vet but it is often useful to ask locally for recommendations. Vets can be found under Tierarzt in the Yellow Pages. Most vets will provide an out of hours number for emergencies.

  • Telephone numbers for the local branches of the Association of Veterinary Surgeons can be found on the Pet Planet website
  • Alternatively, has a searchable database whereby veterinarians may be found by entering a postcode or city

Statutory and Regular Vaccinations

All dogs must be vaccinated annually against rabies. No other vaccinations are compulsory. However, vets recommend that all caring owners vaccinate their pets annually for the following:


  • C - Hundestaupe (Distemper)
  • H - Hepatitis (infectious hepatitis)
  • P - Parvovirose (Parvovirus)
  • L - Leptospirose (Leptospirosis)


  • feline distemper
  • feline herpes