Furniture, Hardware, Appliance and Office Supplies Shopping

German chain stores that supply the basic furniture, home furnishings, electrical appliances and DIY for your home...

There are a great number of chain stores in Germany supplying a wide range of products, many of which can also be found throughout the rest of Europe. Unlike many other large economies, Germany and its principal cities is also home to a great many independent shops which cater for all needs, from fashion to furnishings to stationery.

To find a specific shop or item, try entering the search criteria in the Yellow Pages or click on the links below to find the nearest branches (Filialen/Standorte) of the principal chain stores.

Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Superstores


Lidl: Branches of this economy supermarket can be found all over the country. Lidl also sells discount clothes and household furnishings. In major cities, Lidl often has one branch which is also open on Sundays. There is also an online shopping feature on Lidl’s website, which delivers a range of household furnishing products, as well as other products such as clothes, technology and sports equipment.

Aldi: Aldi can also be found throughout the country offering low-cost, own-label items as well as more well-known brand names.

Pennymarkt: Not as commonly seen as the Europe-wide Lidl and Aldi, Pennymarkt can often be found in high-rise estates and in the former Eastern part of the country. As with all economy supermarkets in Germany, there is not a huge variety of food products.

Netto: Another discount supermarket that can be found throughout the former East German states.


Edeka: Mid-range supermarket offering good quality food products. Some stores open until late and on Sundays. Most Edekas have a delicatessen for fresh meat and cheeses.

Kaisers: Several branches in the areas Nordrhein, and Berlin and the surrounding area; also stores in Munich and Upper Bavaria, but there the chain is known as Tengelmann. The chain offers branded food products, cleaning products and some household accessories as well as incorporating its own bakers (Backstop) and deli-counter.

Rewe: Click on “Wählen Sie Ihren REWE Markt aus” then type in a post code to find the nearest branch. It also has a store card that rewards the regular user with product discounts and a charge service.

Spar: There are a few Spar shops found across the whole of Germany providing food products and other bare essentials.


Karstadt: A department store with branches all over Germany, Karstadt offers a wide range of home products and caters for a high-end market with its food hall crammed with fresh products from around the globe. Regular shoppers can benefit from the store's charge card, which can be used for payment and obtaining future discounts. They also have an online shop which delivers; however, this does not include food.

Kaufhof: This chain has stores all over the country and five branches in Berlin alone. Larger branches contain a food hall with a variety of national and international fresh produce, as well as numerous floors of clothes, home furnishings, kitchen appliances and utensils, gifts, toys, sports equipment, travel accessories, stationery, theatre tickets and more. There is also an online shop that provides home delivery. Discount cards can be used in Karstadt as well and function as a normal charge card.

Furniture and Appliance Shops

IKEA: The largest chain of furniture shops in the world. IKEA now has an online shop which delivers and a Family Service, enabling cardholders to buy selected products for discounted prices.

Mediamarkt: With branches scattered all around the country, Mediamarkt is one of the market leaders in electrical appliances. Home shoppers can use the online shop and even download the latest music and videos from the site's download section.

Saturn: The second market-leading home appliance store in Germany, Saturn stores also incorporate music, computer equipment, cameras and car accessories. The online shop will deliver and it is easy to find the nearest store on the homepage.

Sconto: There are over 20 branches of this household furnishings warehouse in Germany. To find a store: Click here.

Teppich Kibek: This carpet specialist sells a wide range of carpets and rugs as well as furnishing accessories and gifts. The website includes an online shopping and delivery service and provides locations for stores all around Germany. To find a store: Click here.

Building Materials, Hardware and DIY

Obi: This DIY warehouse sells all building materials required for household and open air renovations. Other services include home delivery, financing options, professional tool rental, a professional renovating service and DIY training courses.

Hornbach: Provides an enormous shopping space for experienced and would-be DIYers with flooring, tools, decorating products, wallpaper, tiles, paint, bathroom fittings and garden products. Click on "Markt ändern" to find the closest store. The latest brochure (Prospekt) can be downloaded from the website.

Bauhaus:Click on “Bauhaus Suche” and type in a postcode or location to find the nearest store. In addition to a range of products which includes everything from tiles to wallpaper and lawnmowers to saunas, each store offers a professional tool rental service, a kids club and an installation service.

Office Supplies and Stationery

Karstadt: The superstore giant has an excellent selection of office supplies, gift wrapping services and stationery.

Kaufhof: Kaufhof offers a full range of office supplies and stationery, both online and in-store.

Mediamarkt: Mediamarkt is one of the leaders in stationery and office supplies. It also specialises in home and office telephone systems and mobile phone contracts.

McPaper: This is the leading stationery and office supplies store in Germany with over 280 branches country-wide. Type a post code in the field "FilialFinder" to find the closest store. The website is purely informative, but the stores themselves offer every possible product falling under the stationery category.