Going Online in Germany

The Internet options available to you in your home in Germany...

Competition in the Internet market in Germany is intense and, like all areas of the telecoms market, there is a wide range of companies offering services and promotional rates to new customers. It is advisable to look in detail at exactly what each provider is offering for the money in terms of connection speed, data amount included and any time limits or access restrictions to the Internet. Check also for any contract restrictions which commit the customer for a minimum period of time. The principal providers are:

There are also several providers offering more select services for limited numbers of subscribers:

  • Snafu
  • BaWue Net in Baden-Wuerttemburg, a non-commercial Internet provider
  • DSL Flatrate is a comparison site with links to many providers of DSL connections


High speed Internet access is best through a DSL connection, and as a result it is normally marketed as DSL. There are many options for telephone and Internet packages. Once again, Telekomshops and TKS Surf (requires login) can offer advice. Not all areas have broadband access.


There are also providers of free dial-up Internet access software using special Internet dial-up numbers. The customer pays per minute online and can select the cheapest provider on a call-by-call basis.

  • For more information visit Freenet (in German)

Public Internet Access

Most towns and cities have Internet cafes and WIFI hotspots providing access via laptop (assuming it has a wireless network adapter) or short-range wireless LAN.

Internet Telephony

Using the Internet to make telephone calls (Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP) is gradually becoming more popular in Germany. Websites that offer more about VoIP are: