Find out about tap water provision in Germany and how to get connected to the water supply...

Water in Germany is usually supplied by the local waterworks (kommunale Wasserwerke). Generally in the case of rental properties, water costs are determined based on an individual usage and the charges are levied with the rent as part of the additional rent costs (Nebenkosten). In this case there is no need to set up an individual account.

If it is necessary to set up a new contract, contact the relevant water supplier. Most websites have details of customer service centres (Kundencenter) and some have an online facility for registering (anmelden) as a new client.


Water consumption readings are taken annually and any additions or deductions based on actual consumption are reflected final bill. In rental properties, the actual consumption is reflected in the rent charges for the following year.

Some properties have individual water meters, but more often the water costs are calculated at a fixed rate on the basis of m2. Private clients pay on the basis of consumption; drinking water and waste water are often charged separately.

  • For further information on water costs and how consumption is calculated: Click here (in German)

Each water company has its own emergency contact number (Entstoerungsdienst) in case of problems with water discolouration, pressure fluctuation or loss of supply.

In many parts of Germany the water quality is very hard and it is strongly recommended that limescale protection products are used in dishwashers and washing machines. Water filters are also very popular for drinking water to prevent limescale build-up in kettles.