Regional German Specialities

Find out about the local specialities available around the country...

Each region in Germany seems to have its own traditional cuisine. These are a few examples:

  • Curried sausage: Currywurst are eaten in Berlin and the surrounding region. This sausage is sprinkled with curry powder and eaten with a spicy curry sauce
  • Veal sausage with sweet mustard: Weisswurst mit susser Senf is eaten in Bavaria along with the regional favourite, the Bretzel
  • Bretzel: Bretzel are large pretzel-shaped bread sticks, dipped in sea salt and often eaten with beer
  • Smoked herring: Matjesfilet are found on the north coast of Germany in a sandwich or with potatoes and vegetables
  • Knuckle of pork: Served boiled (Eisbein) or grilled (Schweinshaxe) is a speciality of south Germany, normally served with sauerkraut, red cabbage and potatoes
  • Flammkuchen: A speciality of the west coast, this is a thin pizza-type flan traditionally topped with bacon and cream. This dish is often served with the region's K├Âlsch beer