Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in Frankfurt

Information and links for tourists to Frankfurt, with details on must-see sights in the region...

Alt Sachsenhausen – Old Sachsenhausen

Alt Sachsenhausen is a district located south of the Old Town of Frankfurt. Along its cobblestone streets there are numerous taverns where visitors can enjoy local foods as well as the famous local “Apfelwein” or apple wine, which is produced in the region.

Goethe-Haus and Goethe-Museum

Goethe’s original house was destroyed during the Second World War. But it has been restored with original furniture of the time. Visitors can explore the original library and painting room as well the birth room where as legend tells, Goethe came into the world. The writing room where he wrote “The Sorrows of Young Werther” is also open to the public. The Goethe Museum has an extensive collection of paintings representative of Goethe’s time.

Paulskirche - St Pauls Church

Paulskirche was built between 1789 and 1833. The church is symbolic of German democracy as it was used for political meetings and later became the seat of the first freely elected German officials in 1848. It was here that the first democratic German constitution was created.

  • Paulskirche
    At: Paulsplatz 11, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

The Römer and Römerberg

The Römerberg is the historic square located in the center of the city. It has been used as a site for festivals, markets and coronations since the 9th century. In the middle of the square lies the Römer; Frankfurt's Town Hall. The building, which gave the square the name Römerberg (Roman Mountain) dates back to 1405 and is still home to the city’s government. The Römer balcony is the area’s most famous landmark as many famous historic figures have waved to crowds from it.

  • Römerberg
    At: Römerberg 27, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Main Tower

Completed in 1999, Main Tower is the only highrise in Frankfurt that is open to the public. Visitors can climb the 56 floors of the Main Tower (or take the lift) to reach the viewing area. At 200 metres high, the tower is popular with tourists and locals seeking a birds-eye view of Frankfurt. The tower has a restaurant that serves international cuisine where visitors can enjoy the view of the Frankfurt skyline.

  • Main Tower
    At: Neue Mainzer Strasse 52-58, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
    Tel: 069 3650 4878