Outdoor Activities in Frankfurt

Information on parks, nature reserves and the popular spots for walking, hiking, cycling and other outdoor pursuits...

Frankfurt is among Germany’s most wooded urban cities. It offers a wide variety of options for hiking and walking as well as activities like cycling, walking, horseback riding and swimming.


Frankfurt is a very bicycle friendly city. There are many city cycling paths as well as off-road ones. There is no extra charge for taking bicycles on local public transportation and there are many bike and ride parking places at public transport stations.

The RAD Fahren website (a service of the Stadt Frankfurt am Main) has a comprehensive website with maps of cycling paths, information on bike laws and safety and a reporting system for reporting dangerous road conditions. The site also includes a map of  RAD Service Partners, shops where bicyclists can use tools, a pump and get a free patch to fix repairs when in need.

One of the more popular cycling paths in Frankfurt is the GrünGürtel-Radrundweg (The Green Belt cycling path), a green path that encircles the city and is 62.5 Km long. There are marked cycling paths leading out from it and which are indicated on the GrünGürtel-Freizeitkarte (Green Loop card) which can be obtained for free at the Verkehrsinsel and der Hauptwache.

  • For information on the GrünGürtel-Radrundweg: Click here (in German)

Walking and Hiking

There are more than 50 parks and green spaces in Frankfurt am Main, most of which are suitable for walkers and runners. Some parks have areas for activities such as roller skating, ping pong, football and basketball as well as children playgrounds.

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Horseback Riding

There are several equestrian clubs available offering a wide variety of horse-riding lessons from beginners to advanced, in vaulting, cross country, dressage, and show jumping.


There are three water parks, three indoor swimming pools and seven open-air swimming pools in Frankfurt am Main.

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Several lakes in the region are open to swimmers: Schultheiss Pond (Schultheissweiher) in Offenbach and the Langener Forest Lake (Langener Waldsee).