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Understand the basics of German history, geography, politics and economy at a glance...

The Federal Republic of Germany or Bundesrepublik Deutschland is a country situated to the north of central Europe. It has an estimated population of over 81 million people, making it the most populous country in Europe and the 14th in the world. It includes 16 regional states (Bundesl├Ąnder), the largest of which is Bavaria, situated to the south. These states are sub-divided into 439 districts and cities.

Christianity is the largest religion in Germany and is followed by 63 percent of the population. The other main religions in Germany are Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Hinduism.

The official language of the country is German while other recognised languages in the country include Danish, Low German, Sorbian, Romany and Frisian.

The German flag consists of three stripes; black, red and gold in colour. The national heraldic animal is the eagle, which features on the country's coat of arms.