Leaving Germany and Moving On

Information on what to do when moving from Germany, including notifying schools and residency officials, closing bank accounts, ending contracts for utilities and insurance, exporting cars and moving pets…

There are a number of considerations that must be taken into account when leaving Germany and moving on:

  • Housing Issues (ending a rental contract; selling a property; cancelling insurance)
  • Disconnecting Utilities (notifying service providers to end/transfer your contract: electricity, gas, water, telephone and Internet)
  • Health Care (updating social security and health insurance funds)
  • Business and Tax (alerting banks and tax authorities of your departure)
  • Vehicles and Driving (updating your car registration certificate; checking any driving licence issues)
  • Alternative Considerations (informing the embassy and your local authorities; notifying schools; forwarding post; preparing your pets for travel)

You will find information for each of these tasks in the relevant section from the drop-down menu.