Vehicles and Driving

Find out how to export your vehicle and what to do with your driving licence when leaving Germany...

To export a vehicle from Germany, contact the local Vehicle Registration Office (Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle).

  • For addresses of Vehicle Registration Offices: Click here

When de-registering, the Vehicle Registration Office will ask for proof of ownership and registration, as well as the vehicle licence plates.

Embassies in the new country of residence can provide information on the importation of personal goods.

  • Find more information about vehicle imports and exports from the Information Office of German Customs (Zoll): Click here

Driving licences

In theory, drivers with valid licences issued by EU and EEA member states may continue to use their current driving licence for an unlimited period in any EU Member State. For those that have changed to a German licence this may well be accepted in their new place of residence (particularly if it is another EU country), but it is worth checking with the relevant embassy prior to departure.