Motorbikes and Mopeds

Information for those wishing to driving mopeds or motorbikes in Germany...

A Mofa is a small moped or motor-assisted bicycle that can be driven up to 25 Km/h by anyone of 15 or over, without a driving licence. However, it is necessary to pass a written and practical test. These are offered by the majority of driving schools (Fahrschule). Helmets are mandatory.

A Mofa must comply with the following:

  • It must be less than 50cc
  • It must use less than 0.5 Kw of power
  • It must weigh no more than 30 Kg when empty
  • The front wheel must be no more than 26cm wide
  • The back wheel must be no more than 28cm wide

A Mofa's technical specification is beneath that required for European licence class AM, and therefore regulated only by German law.

The Mokick (from the words Motor and Kickstarter) is slightly bigger than a Mofa and is licensed to carry two people. It is 50cc and may be driven up to a speed of 45 Km/h. An AM class licence is needed to drive a Mokick, which can only be applied for if the person is at least 16 years old.

In Germany there are several types of licences that pertain to Mopeds and motorbikes dependent on age and type or size of the bike and range from the AM class with a minimum age of 16 to an unlimited class (A), which has a minimum age of 24 years old.  A class licences can be obtained at the age of 20 if an A2 licence has been held for two years.  These follow the structure of European motorcycle categories.

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