Car Sharing in Frankfurt

Find out about the self-service, pay-as-you-go, car sharing scheme in Frankfurt: how to subscribe, book, collect and return your hire car…

Car2go is a flexible and ecological car sharing system available in 16 European cities, allowing subscribers to rent electric cars on a short-term basis. In Frankfurt, vehicles are available 24/7 from parking zones situated throughout the city.

How to Register for the Car2go Service

The cars are available to registered users only. After registering online, it is necessary to bring the driver’s licence and credit card to a car2go shop, or an authorised validation point, to ensure the validity of the driver’s licence and activate the user account.

Download the car2go application (available for iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry) and use it to locate an available car, and to rent it on the spot.

Using the Cars

Once signed up to the service, a car may be reserved up to 30 minutes in advance, or rented on the spot.

A car2go can be collected from any hiring point. The cars can be opened either by using the car2go app. The key can be found next to the touch screen in the car. Users are asked to check for outside damage and inside cleanness and rate it after entering the PIN on the touch screen. To keep the car reserved during stopovers, it should be locked with the ignition key remote control.

The car can be returned within the designated car2go area in any legal parking space.

Fees and Payment

The cost of rental is calculated per minute, per hour or per day. The cost is debited from the bank card that was used to register.

Regular users may also profit from different minute packages.


A help button in the car allows direct contact with the car2go team, who will send out assistance in the event of a breakdown.


In the event of an accident, contact the car2go assistance using the SOS button, and call the emergency service if someone is injured. Call the police if another car is involved. An accident report sheet should be filled in.