Local Buses, Trams and Trains in Frankfurt

Route maps and booking information for Frankfurt buses, rail service, regional trains and the tram network: to help you find your way around Frankfurt ...

The transport system in Frankfurt is well-developed and integrated, meaning tickets can be used across different providers and methods of transport. The Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund (RMV) along with Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF) oversees the network.


For timetables (fahrplan) for all buses, trams and trains for Frankfurt (in German): Click here (in German)

Late-Night Transport

Frankfurt RheinMain runs a night bus service, with pricing the same as during daytime hours. Some regional service is also available outside of the city limits.

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Trains and Trams in Frankfurt

S-Bahn (suburban rail network)

S-Bahn lines go through the city centre and out to the suburbs. It offers a quick way to travel around the city for slightly longer journeys. In rush hour, services operate up to every 2 minutes, and normally run every 15 to 30 minutes.

U-Bahn (underground network)

Nine underground lines cross the city. Services run from every 2 minutes to every 10 minutes depending on the time of day.

  • For individual maps of the S-Bahn, rail, and night bus networks: Click here

Strassenbahn (tram)

There are nine tramlines in Frankfurt, operated by VGF, with service every 10 minutes and every 2 minutes in rush hour.



Frankfurt is well served by the train and tram network; the bus system is not as developed. The northern part of the city, however, has a large number of cross-city routes.

Tickets and Discounts

Frankfurt, like many other German cities, operates their public transportation network on the honour system, with no barriers or turnstiles. Tickets may be checked at random, often by plain-clothes inspectors, and there is a penalty for travelling without a valid ticket.

Ticket prices depend on the tariff zone through which passengers travel (there are nine zones, from inner city to the suburbs), the time of day, the age of the passengers, and the validity period of the ticket.

Ticket options include:

  • Single-journey (Einzelkarte)
  • Short journey (Kurzstrecke) - calculated in metres
  • Day tickets (Tageskarten)
  • Local area day tickets good for travel in the whole of Frankfurt as well as neighbouring Mainz and Wiesbaden (Hessenticket)
  • Group tickets (Gruppenkarten)
  • Iinclusive ticket for the Hessen area (Hessenticket)

Some users may find it more economical to purchase a transport pass. Available passes include:

  • Weekly card (Wochenkarte)
  • Monthly card (Monatskarte)
  • Annual card (Jahreskarte).

Discounts are offered to children aged 6 to 14, to school groups (if available) and to students.

Frequent travellers on the rail network in Germany can benefit from cheaper fares with the Bahncard.

Tickets (Fahrkarten) can be purchased at Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF) ticket offices, kiosks, vending machines, or on buses. Ticket vending machines tend to be complex in Germany, although most machines have language options and menus in English.

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Park And Ride

"Park and ride" car parks can be found on most of the major roads leading into Frankfurt. For lists of park and ride facilities located in the local area (in German): Click here


Small dogs can be brought onto trains and buses without extra charge, but large dogs need to have a half-price ticket, to be on a lead, and to wear a muzzle if necessary. Guide dogs travel free of charge and without restrictions.


The Frankfurt transport network generally allows bicycles to be taken onto public transport free of charge. However, accessibility at rush hour can be limited due to health and safety concerns and crowding on train carriages. Certain rail compartments have special storage areas for bicycles, indicated with the bicycle pictograms on the side of the train.

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The RMV has two Mobility Centres for passengers with reduced mobility. The centres can provide information on timetables, fares and services available.

Passengers with severe disabilities and their carers qualify for free travel on the RMV network.