Importing and Registering a Foreign Vehicle

Find out how to import a car to Germany and get it registered on the roads...

The Zulassungsbescheinigung (Teil I) is the vehicle registration document. The Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil II is the vehicle ownership certificate. The documents comply with required EU standards.

Where and When to Register a Vehicle

Foreign vehicles staying for up to one year in Germany do not have to be registered, but a German translation of the vehicle's registration certificate is necessary to bring the vehicle into Germany. After a twelve month period, the vehicle will become liable for German registration and the accompanying statutory roadworthiness tests.

To register a vehicle, visit the local Vehicle Registration Office (Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle).

  • For an alphabetical list of offices: Click here
  • Or use the search engine for locating the nearest office: Click here

The procedure and necessary documents differ slightly, depending on whether the vehicle is being imported from inside the EU or from elsewhere.

Vintage and Classic Cars

  • For information on registering a vintage or classic car which has been off the road or not previously registered in Germany: Click here

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