School Holidays in Hamburg

A calendar of the school terms in Hamburg and the neighbouring states of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein: the dates when the state schools close for vacation...

In Germany school holidays can differ in each Federal state. These are the dates for Hamburg. 

Note: the dates may vary between districts. Please confirm dates with the school in question.

  • Private schools may have slightly different dates; check with the relevant school
  • Schools close on national public holidays
  • In some cases when a public holiday is on a Tuesday or Thursday, schools will close on the Monday or Friday
  • Kindergarten holidays may differ from school holidays, check with the relevant kindergarten
  • Children in first grade may start the school year a few days after the dates indicated below, the first day of school may be a Saturday
  • Schools may close on certain days in addition to those indicated below

Note: The dates below state the first to the last day of each holiday, inclusive.

School Year 2017-2018

Hamburg 2017-2018

School year begins26 August 2017
Autumn Holidays (Herbstferien)9 - 21 October 2017
Christmas holidays (Weihnachtenfieren)24 December 2017 - 14 January 2018
Easter holidays (Osternferien)23 March - 7 April 2018
Summer holidays (Sommerferien)25 June - 5 August 2018

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