Support Groups in Hamburg

English-speaking support groups and meetings for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), cancer support meetings, family planning and more...

Below find information on the various support organisations and helplines in Hamburg. While some have English-speaking staff and volunteers, there is no guarantee that English will be spoken.

Alcoholics Anonymous

There are a number of Alcoholics Anonymous (Anonyme Alkoholiker) meetings in the Hamburg area, both closed and open:

  • Anonyme Alkoholiker (in German)
    : Saarlandstr. 9, 22303 Hamburg
    English helpline, Tel: 01803 224 357 / 01803 AAHELP
  • For a list of local meetings in English and German: Click here

Drug Abuse

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) provides English-speaking advice on dependencies and addiction. There are regular meetings in English as well as meetings in German.


Aids-Hilfe Hamburg: provides AIDS counselling and support for AIDS patients and their families.

  • AIDS-Hilfe Hamburg (in German)
    At: Lange Reihe 30-32, 20099 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 235 1990
    Open: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00

Cancer Support

The Hamburg Cancer Association (Hamburger Krebsgesellschaft) campaigns for cancer research, and provides social and psychological counselling to cancer sufferers and their families.

Children's Helplines

  • Kinder- und Jugendnotdienst: Emergency aid for children and adolescents day and night (Kinder- und Jugendnotdienst)
    At: Feuerbergstraße 43, 22337 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 428 490
  • Pregnancy helpline for young girls
    Tel: 01802 000 306
  • Sei-stark: Helpline for children suffering from violence, harassment, extortion and threats
    Tel: 01802 000 359
  • Kinder- und Jugendnotdienst Erstversorgung: Help for young unaccompanied refugees
    At: Kollaustraße 150, 22453 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 55 76 25 17
  • Jugendämter: City of Hamburg youth welfare service, provides and consultations and helps to assess dangerous situations
    Tel: 040 426 427 428

Mental Health

  • TZS University Centre for Suicidal patients - Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
    At: Martinistraße 52, 20246 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 741 054 112

Family Planning and Sexual Health

The Family Planning Centre (Familienplanungszentrum) can provide help in English with all issues related to contraception, pregnancy and abortion counselling. With centres in Altona, Barmbek, Billstedt, Wandsbek and Jenfeld.

Women's Support Groups

Pro-aktiv Hamburg is an institution providing counselling and assistance for victims of domestic violence. The helpline is open daily from 10:00-22:00, and services are available in English and other languages:

The association NOTRUF für vergewaltigte Frauen und Mädchen offers counselling in English for victims of rape. Information flyers are also available in other languages.

BIFF provides counselling in English for women by women in psychological and social issues, crisis help, and organises self-help groups.

  • BIFF
    At: Mohrfurtweg 9b, 22301 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 280 7907

In Via Pour femmes is an association offering support for women from Africa in English, French and German. Services include counselling, integration support and help with learning the language.

Women's refuges

The women's refuges (Frauenhaus) listed below are open day and night and on weekends, providing a safe place for women and their children.

  • Frauen helfen Frauen e. V. Frauenhaus - Tel: 040 197 02
  • Hamburger Frauenhaus - Tel: 040 197 10
  • Hamburger Frauenhaus - Tel: 040 197 04
  • amburger Frauenhaus - Tel: 040 197 15
  • Frauenhaus des Diakonischen Werkes - Tel: 040 197 51
  • Hamburger Mädchenhaus (refuge for girls) - Tel: 040 428 492 65
  • Frauenhaus Norderstedt - Tel: 040 529 6677
  • Frauenhaus Pinneberg - Tel: 04101 204 967
  • Frauenhaus Wedel - Tel: 04103 145 53
  • Frauenhaus für den Landkreis Harburg - Tel: 01805 296 962

Gay and Lesbian Support

There are many institutions and associations offering counselling, advice and information for gay and lesbian residents in Hamburg.

  • magnus hirschfeld centrum (in German)
    At: Borgweg 8, 22303 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 278 778 00
  • Intervention e.V. (in German): Support groups and counselling for lesbian residents in Hamburg
    At: Glashüttenstraße 2, 20357 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 245 002

Self-help Groups

KISS is a contact and information service for self-help groups in Hamburg. It provides a data base and search tool for all self-help groups, with centres in Altona, Harburg and Wandsbek.

  • KISS
    : 040 395 767