English-language Cinema in Hamburg

Information on cinemas in Hamburg showing films in English...

There are a few cinemas (kino) in Hamburg showing films in their original language (Original Fassung or OF). Films listed as OmU (Original mit Untertiteln) are also shown in their original language, usually with German subtitles. In some cases, the original language of the film will be French, Spanish or Japanese.

Most cinemas in Hamburg show films dubbed into German. There are 24 cinemas altogether, from small neighbourhood cinemas to big cinema chains such as CinemaxX (three centres in Hamburg) or UCI Kinowelt (also three centres). There are also many art house cinemas, the Abaton, Holi, Metropolis and others, showing selected film series and independent productions.

What's Playing today?

See our Movies Guide for a full list of the English-language movies showing in Hamburg this week

Regular publications such as the monthly magazine Szene (website in German) offer listings and an online database. The daily newspapers publish new cinema listings on Thursday, and have the ongoing programme daily in their arts section.

Cinemas in Hamburg Showing English-language Films

  • Abaton: Shows many films in original version with German subtitles (OmU)
    At: Grindelhof, Allendeplatz 3, 20146 Hamburg
    Tel: 04041 320 320
  • Cinemaxx Dammtor: Shows current films in original version (OV) on Sundays and several other days
    At: Dammtordamm 1, 20354 Hamburg 
    Tel: 01805 2463 6299
  • Savoy Filmtheater: Traditional cinema re-opened with modern projection and sound technology. Shows current English-language films in original version (OV)
    At: Steindamm 54, 20099 Hamburg 
    Tel: 0402 8409 3628

Summer open air cinema

Other Metropolitan Areas

  • Kommunales Kino Lübeck: Shows selected films in original version with subtitles (OmU), arthouse cinema
    At: Mengstr. 35, 23552 Lübeck
    Tel: 04511 221 287
  • SCALA Programmkino: Showing selected films in original version with subtitles (OmU), arthouse cinema
    At: Apothekenstrasse 17, 21335 Lüneburg
    Tel: 0413 1224 3224

Film Festivals

International films are shown in the original language at film festivals, usually with subtitles. Hamburg is home to quite a few renowned film festivals as well as some smaller specialised film shows.

  • Filmfest Hamburg: Festival with 20 years of tradition, showing the first productions of young German and international art house directors as well as internationally successful movies of renowned directors. Held in September/October
  • Fantasy Film Festival: Festival showing horror, science-fiction, thriller, and art-house films. Takes place in August/September
  • Lesbian and Gay Film Days Hamburg: Germany's oldest and biggest gay and lesbian film festival screening short and feature-length German and international films in five cinemas over six days. Held in October

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