Local Administrative Offices in Hamburg

Contact details for the administrative centres of Hamburg, including where to go for residency papers. Also information about the Hamburg Welcome Centre and the services provided to newcomers to Hamburg...

Germany has an extensive list of national and regional authorities. For foreigners living in the country, the most important requirements are the proof of residence permit and the working visa. These documents are required for a number of reasons, the most important being to work legally and to open a bank account. The proof of residence is also required for less important but nonetheless useful tasks such as joining a video store or renting a removal van.

Hamburg is divided into seven districts (Bezirke). Each of the districts has a central administration called Bezirksamt.

The local (or domicile) registration is carried out at the Abteilung für Einwohnerdaten in the local Bezirksamt. This registration is obligatory for all residents, non-EU, EU and Germans, and when moving house within Hamburg.

Aliens' Department

The residence permit and work permit can be obtained from one of the eight Aliens' Department (Ausländerbehörde) in each of the seven Bezirksämter.

The central telephone number for all Aliens' Departments, unless specified otherwise is 040 428 280.

  • Bezirksamt Altona
    At: Platz der Republik 1, 22765 Hamburg
  • Bezirksamt Bergedorf
    At: Wentorfer Straße 15, 21029 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 428 912 173
  • Bezirksamt Eimsbüttel
    At: Grindelberg 62-66 (2nd floor), 20144 Hamburg
  • Bezirksamt Harburg
    At: Harburger Rathauspassage 2, 21073 Hamburg
  • Bezirksamt Hamburg-Mitte
    : Klosterwall 2 (2nd floor), 20095 Hamburg
  • Bezirk Hamburg-Mitte, Region Billstedt
    At: Öjendorferweg 11, 22111 Hamburg
  • Bezirksamt Hamburg-Nord
    At: Kümmellstraße 7 (ground floor), 20249 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 428 042 981
  • Bezirksamt Wandsbek
    : Kundenzentrum Wandsbek, Schloßstraße 60 (ground floor), 22041 Hamburg

Hamburg Welcome Centre

To facilitate the initial steps required by new residents, Hamburg has established the Hamburg Welcome Centre, a one stop information and service point. It is located near the Rathaus in the Chamber of Commerce building and is designed to help new citizens from abroad or from other regions in Germany. In most cases, an appointment is required to access their services.

New residents are provided with general information about childcare, schooling, driving licences, local public transport, language courses, the German health care system, housing and the Hamburg neighbourhoods, and useful contacts. Counselling for newcomers is provided in English or German.

Qualified executives, scientists, specialists and their families are provided with assistance for registration, residence and permanent settlement permits, visa services and all other administrative needs.

Students at Hamburg higher education institutions can apply to the Welcome Centre for their registration and residence permits.

Hamburg Citizen Registration

There are a number of local service centres (Kundenzentren) responsible for issuing identity cards, passports and registration certificates.

  • To find a local Kundenzentren and its contact details: Click here