Public Transport in Hamburg

Information about the public transport system in Hamburg, how to get around using the bus, coach, train and S-Bahn networks...

Public transport in Hamburg and in the metropolitan area is well organised and easy to use. The online systems and information services are generally available in English. Most ticket machines have an English interface, but are sometimes complicated to use. However, service desks can be found at the main S-Bahn and railway stations, for ticket purchases and general information.

HVV - Hamburg Transport Association

HVV is responsible for managing and coordinating public transport for more than 30 transport companies in three federal states. HVV provides bus and ferry lines, the metro system, regional and fast trains for 3.3 million residents.

  • For information about HVV including maps and timetables: Click here
  • There is also information for newly-arrived-residents in Hamburg: Click here
  • For questions about the public transport network in Hamburg, Tel: 040 19 449 (in German first, wait for the English announcement)

Most places within Hamburg and much of the surrounding area can be reached by public transport.

Service centres and sales points

  • HVV-Kundenzentrum (Central Service Centre)
    At: Johanniswall 2, 20095 Hamburg
    Open: Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00
  • For a list of all service centres: Click here


  • For information about the different types of tickets available: Click here

Season or period tickets

Commuters can subscribe to season tickets. Off-peak season tickets ("CC-Ticket") are cheaper. There are also offers for young students, trainees and apprentices. Students in higher education get their ticket at the University offices when they pay their term fee.

Passengers with Disabilities

The majority of bus and tram stops and many U and S-Bahn stations in Germany have wheelchair access, with ramps, elevators and platforms at train level. There are also some provisions for people with a vision impairment.

Buses marked with a wheelchair symbol are specially equipped, and a footnote on the printed schedule at every stop indicates which trams and buses are similarly equipped. Look for the words behindert (disabled) and ausgestattet (outfitted). Special provisions in these vehicles include allocated areas for wheelchairs with securing straps to prevent the chair from rolling during transit, access ramps and in the case of buses, the ability for the bus to lower to footway level.

Most trams and buses have seating located close to the doors and with extra room to offer easier access for less able-bodied people, such as the elderly. Seats are marked with a blue and white cross. Anyone may use them, but the seat must be given to a less able-bodied passenger or a passenger with a disability on request.

All bus services in Hamburg have low-floor vehicles, and allow boarding and exiting via a ramp.

Train Stations in Hamburg

Hamburg is an important hub in the German long distance railway net. Most major German and many European cities can be reached directly from one of Hamburg's railway stations. There are four main stations:

  • Hauptbahnhof Hamburg
    At: Hachmannplatz 16, 20099 Hamburg 
    Tel: 040 3918 1053
  • Bahnhof Hamburg-Altona
    At: Scheel-Plessen-Str. 17, 22765 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 3918 1053
  • Bahnhof Hamburg Dammtor
    At: Dag-Hammarskjöld-Platz 15, 20354 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 391 810 53
  • Bahnhof Hamburg-Harburg
    At: Hannoversche Str. 85, 21079 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 391 810 53

Long-distance Coach Travel

Many bus transport companies operate from the central bus terminal "ZOB". There are regular connections to Berlin and other cities, as well as to countries in Eastern Europe and The Balkans, Scandinavian countries and to holiday destinations.

  • Zentral-Omnibus-Bahnhof - ZOB
    : Adenauerallee 78, 20097 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 247 576
  • For further information about partner companies and connections: Click here (in German)

Boat Services

Several ferries operate connecting both sides of the River Elbe and can be boarded with a HVV public transport ticket.

  • For more information about boat services for both commuters and visitors: Click here


There are several bike rental systems in the City of Hamburg, with bike stations all over the city. After registration, bikes can be picked up and used for a small fee, and then returned to any bike station.

One of the companies is StadtRAD Hamburg.

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