Outdoor Activities in Munich and Bavaria

Information on parks, nature reserves and the popular spots for walking, hiking, cycling and other outdoor pursuits...

Below is information on the public parks, woods and green spaces in and around Munich that are open to walkers, cyclists and runners. There are also facilities around Munich for other outdoor activities including hiking and walking, cycling, and horse riding as well as some lake water sports, and a range of winter sports.

The city of Munich (München) is situated north of the Bavarian Alps. The Isar and Würm rivers run through the city. Due to it's location on the northern edge of the Bavarian Alps, the city has a continental climate and experiences relatively high precipitation, especially in the summer months.


English Garden (der Englische Garten)

Located in the centre of the city, the English Garden (der Englische Garten) is a large park (3.73 square kilometres), open throughout the year, that offers mostly hard-dirt paths for walking and running as well as lakes. Visitors can partake in horse riding, boating, and even surfing at the Eisbachwelle in front of the Haus der Kunst (Art Gallery on Prinzregentenstrasse 1 at the southern side of the park). Admission is free. The park also has several beer gardens.


The venue of the 1972 Olympics, the Olympiapark is now a hub for indoor and outdoor activities. As well as lakes with boat hire and excellent paths for running, nordic walking and cycling, the site offers indoor facilities for tennis, ice skating, inline skating, watersports, football and working out. The park also has a mini-golf course.

Outdoor Activities in Munich


A city of nearly 1.5 million inhabitants, Munich has many well-maintained walking trails through local parks.

The Riesengebirgsverein (RGV) is a national walking and hiking association with local clubs throughout Germany, including in Munich. Local groups get together for day-trips and walking weekends in scenic areas. The Munich RGV branch generally conducts walks within range of the MVV public transport network so they are easily accessible even to those members without a car.

The Starnberger See (lake), created by glaciers, is a popular area for walkers. The lake is the closest to Munich, approximately 30 minutes away by car.

National walking associations:

The website Wanderbares Deutschland has information on hiking routes throughout Germany including trails in the Bavarian Alps.


Bicycling in Munich

Transport by bike is considered a convenient and quick way of getting around the Munich urban area. Munich has approximately 1,200Km of designated bike lanes and over 22,000 bike parking stands.

For cyclists hoping for a more athletic excursion, the RadlRing is a 170 Km circular cycling route linking Munich with outlying areas. 20 themed routes have been designed on the RadlRing to encourage riders to enjoy local attractions and the system has been designed in conjunction with the urban rail network so access is convenient.

  • For the RadlRing website: Click here (in German)
  • For an interactive map of the 20 themed routes: Click here (in German)

The Board of Building and Public Works within the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior provides information on established cycling routes in Bavaria. The board website includes downloadable maps and a route planner.

  • For information from the city of Munich about recreational biking options around the city: Click here

The Via Bavarica Tyrolensis is a 220 Km bike route from Munich southward to the Tyrol mountains. A number of different routes of differing distances are possible within the route and much of it is accessible from Munich by the rail system.

Mountain biking is available approximately 45 minutes by car from Munich, around Tegernsee Lake. Cycling maps are available at Tourist Information Centres at the lake.

National Cycling Organisations

The National German Cycling Federation (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club, ADFC) organises national cycling events. The website contains some information in English. For more information contact:

  • Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club
    At: Postfach 10 77 47, 28077 Bremen
    Tel: 0421 346 290
    Fax: 0421 346 2950
  • See The Business Directory category  Cycling & Mountain Biking

Horse Riding

Water Sports and Fishing

The Tegernsee (lake), 45 minutes by car from Munich, offers water-based leisure activities including fishing, windsurfing and sailing.

For further information, contact the Tegernsee Tourist Information office.

  • Tourist Information Tegernsee
    : Hauptstraße 2, 83684 Tegernsee
    Tel: 080 221 801 40
    Fax: 080 223 758

Also at Tegernsee Lake, Bade Park swimming pool has indoor and outdoor pools as well as saunas and aqua gymnastics.

Winter Sports

Skiiers, snowboarders and snowshoers will find plenty to do within an hour or two of Munich, by car, bus or train. Garmisch, Bad Hofgastein, Kirchberg, Scheffau and Zugspitze are some of the nearby resorts. Ski and snowboard day trips are available through a number of bus companies. Contact the Munich Tourism Office for details.

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