Bringing Up Babies, Toddlers and Children in Gibraltar

Everything for parents with young children living in Gibraltar: with information on health matters, child benefits and childcare...

The health of young children and babies in Gibraltar is monitored by General Practitioners, usually at a Primary Care Centre, although private consultations are available at one of the private clinics. A GP can refer the child or baby to a paediatrician or specialist consultant if required.

Healthcare services are delivered by GPs at the Primary Care Centre, but home visits are also available. Vaccination programmes and dental visits are also catered for at this centre.

  • Primary Care Centre
    : 2nd Floor, ICC Building, 2A Main Street, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 723 55

Toddler Road Safety

Children must be seated with a restraint appropriate for their age or size when travelling by car. Rear facing baby seats can only be used in the front seat if the airbag has been disabled.

Baby and Toddler Groups

Parent in Gib is an online parenting resource for mothers and fathers bringing up children in Gibraltar. There are details of mum and toddler groups as well as playgroups in the area. There are also details of activities and things to do with toddlers in Gibraltar and neighbouring Spain

Childcare and Nursery Education

Parents have a choice between a number of private and public nursery schools for their children in Gibraltar. Privately run playgroups and nurseries are registered with the Department of Education and are inspected regularly to ensure that safety standards and regulations are adhered to.